Mobile Marketers: Stricter App Permissions Are a Good Thing

It is time for all of us to look ourselves in the mirror and recognize the inconvenient truth of digital mobile marketing: stricter app permissions are necessary for the long-term success of our industry.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022

Companies had to act quickly to respond to sudden changes within the mobile marketing ecosystem as user activity shifted and time spent online increased. If you are wondering what to expect in the mobile marketing ecosystem for 2022, this guide will help you set expectations and stay ahead of the curve. Here are three mobile marketing trends that must be on your radar in 2022.

Privacy-First Mobile Marketing in 4 Steps

Developing a privacy-first strategy is not only about getting creative in how you message or target; it’s also about being creative in how you find your audience and evaluate your campaigns. Data and audience building is key, and investing in gaining more control of your audience and measurement data will be the best way to succeed.

How Wells Fargo Connects Locally Via Sports, Philanthropy, and Digital

Gary Korotzer, EVP of marketing and brand strategy and community bank marketing for Wells Fargo, says that through a mix of efforts the bank weaves its way into the day-to-day lives and needs of its customers.

Local Providers Should Take Care in Interpreting Big Mobile Advertising Numbers

One of the key themes of Mary Meeker’s annual presentation was mobile advertising — its growth, targeting, and measurability. But recent Street Fight surveys of SMBs and brand marketers indicate that mobile still has surprisingly low usage and perceived effectiveness.

7 Startups Decamp to the ‘Smartest Place in the World’ to Rethink Mobility

When machines around us communicate asynchronously in a meaningful way — in the service of the consumer — we’re likely to see some astounding outcomes. While the machines might not be chit-chatting with one another about the weather too soon, in Singapore it’s all being tried.

Two Mobile Marketing Studies Sketch Location Data’s Role in Cross-Channel Measurement

The reports released last week by industry organizations provide useful advice on mobile marketing tactics and using location data. Both studies point to the need to apply integrated, cross-channel measurement techniques, and to use location data for targeting, customer segmentation, and attribution.

Cheetah Ads Debuts, Racing to Make Mobile Ads Smarter Through AI

Mobile app and content developer Cheetah Mobile has taken the wraps off its rebranding today, and is showing off the renewed focus of its mobile ad business. The move is intended to unify elements of the company — in particular utility apps and mobile content — for mobile advertising.

How Marketers Can Convert Mobile Shoppers Into Sales

Although consumers are willing to buy on mobile, the medium is primarily the gateway to get the consumer into the store to make the purchase. A business can prepare for mobile shoppers in many ways, but have you considered the many challenges that mobile shopping creates?

Smaato CEO: ‘Location Tells Much More About a User Than Anything Else’

The company recently rolled out a demand-side platform that helps companies such as Yahoo, AOL, and Google choose which traffic they want to buy from ads. We caught up with Ragnar Kruse to talk about how location and emerging technologies are shaping the future of advertising.


Case Study: Harley-Davidson Dealers Push to Grow Mobile Database

When marketers discuss the effectiveness of email and SMS campaigns, the size of a company’s customer database can play just as significant a role in the success or failure of a given campaign. That was one of the challenges faced by Calculated Risk Motorcycle Group, a management company for six Harley-Davidson dealerships.

7 Ways Local Merchants Can Use Messaging Apps for Marketing

Smartphone messaging apps were used by more than 1.4 billion consumers last year, but very few of the conversations that took place were between shoppers and local merchants. Here are seven examples of ways that local merchants can start using messaging apps to improve customer service and boost customer acquisition right away.

Report: Executive Survey on Hyperlocal Tech and Tactics

What’s on the mind of technology and marketing suppliers targeting the connected local economy? They’re keen on mobile — perhaps too keen — but struggling with their own companies’ brand awareness. The dichotomy between small businesses and national chains that sell locally is profound, and presents difficult challenges in scaling to support either, let alone both, according to Street Fight Insights analysis.

Street Fight Daily: Google and Flipkart Partner to Eliminate Apps, Groupon’s Ideel Takes a Hit

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… With a Mobile Website Like An App, Flipkart Takes a Swipe at Apple (New York Times)… Groupon Site Ideel to Pack Up and Ship Out of New York (Crain’s New York Business)… Legacy Retailers Struggle to Ramp Up Mobile Marketing (Ad Age)…

Case Study: Mattress Retailer Captures Millennials with Digital Strategies

The vast majority of mattress sales still take place in brick-and-mortar stores. However, America’s Mattress of Onalaska owner Dave Weinberger says he’s found that millennial shoppers are increasingly doing their pre-shopping research online. In response, he’s begun shifting his advertising budget away from offline channels and toward digital tactics, like call tracking and recording, search marketing, and online promotions.

Street Fight Daily: Goldman Sachs’ Advertising Report, App Search Company Tests Mobile Ads

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Goldman Sachs: Online Advertising About to Be ‘Fundamentally Restructured’ by Apple, Google, and Facebook (Business Insider)… App Search Engine Quixey Now Taking a Crack at Mobile Ads (Recode)… Shopify Partners with U.S. Postal Service to Woo More Retailers (Reuters)…

Case Study: Cosi Drives In-Store Visits With Mobile Campaign

Traditional media buys can generate brand awareness, but when it comes to driving foot traffic, it’s all about mobile. “The most important thing for us is to drive traffic to either increase visits from current customers or to bring new customers in,” says Marc Lapides, director of marketing at Cosi, the fast-casual restaurant chain with more than 100 locations in 16 states and the District of Columbia. “We really wanted to find a way to use mobile technologies to drive people into the store.”

Study: Mobile Users More Willing to Share Location Than Browsing History

When it comes to mobile marketing, consumers are more willing to share the places they go in the real-world with brands than the websites they visit, according to a new study conducted by Millward Brown. The research, which surveyed 1,572 consumers who have downloaded a mobile app in the past year, found that 43% of respondents were willing to share their location with companies compared to one of every ten who said they would share their browser history…

7 Ways to Increase Engagement With Mobile Ads

Marketers of all sizes are flocking to mobile ads in an effort to reach consumers on their home turf, sending targeted messages to smartphone users inside certain establishments (like coffee shops or bookstores) or within the confines of geotargeted perimeters. Here are seven ways that brands of all sizes can increase engagement with mobile ads…

8 Ways Retailers Can Use Hyperlocal Tools to Capitalize on Black Friday

Black Friday sales accounted for almost 20% of total retail industry sales in 2011, and the National Retail Federation expects that figure to rise another 4.1% in 2012. In an effort to help local retailers boost their share of those sales, a number of hyperlocal platforms are stepping in with their own tools built specifically for local businesses. We spoke to several hyperlocal industry leaders to get their tips on how small businesses can promote themselves on Black Friday without overspending on expensive marketing campaigns…