Annie Selke Uses Offline Tactics to Drive Online Buyers

The high-end furnishings brand Annie Selke uses direct mail catalogs and flyers to tell the company’s story, before ultimately driving most shoppers online to complete their transactions, explains Cindy Marshall, chief marketing officer for the Massachusetts-based brand. It’s also working with 4Cite’s cart-abandonment program and the vendor’s other tools.

Ohio Car Dealership Sees Early Success with Location-Targeted Mobile Ads

Years of ingrained assumptions about the way cars are marketed and sold have made the automotive industry a challenge for hyperlocal vendors. But at Kia of Bedford, Director of Operations David Gruhin is finding unexpected success with location-based marketing tactics.

LeSportsac Uses AI to Build Omni-Experiences for Shoppers

As digital marketing practices evolve in the retail space, LeSportsac has had to shake up its strategy to keep apace. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, LeSportsac has been able to modernize its marketing programs and more effectively serve its customers.

Case Study: Crayola Overcomes Facebook Algorithm with Co-Created Content

Partnering with the in-product consumer sharing platform Vivoom, Crayola launched a holiday-focused campaign in the fourth-quarter of 2017. Consumers were encouraged to record videos of themselves, using a Crayola-branded filter, and then share those videos across social media as personalized holiday cards.

Ashley Furniture Uses Assistive Web Tech to Reach New Demographics

Selling furniture on the Internet has never been an easy proposition. People want to feel the fabrics on sofas and test the sturdiness tables before spending thousands on furniture purchases, but that hasn’t stopped Ashley Furniture from expanding its digital footprint in recent years.

Case Study: Using Business Texting to Reach Millennial Homebuyers

The value in business text messaging is for brands to be able to communicate with customers how they want to be communicated with. At Environmental Pest Service, director of marketing Mandi Harris has started using business text messaging as a way to increase customer engagement and improve the effectiveness of Google AdWords.

Case Study: How a Brooklyn Retailer Brings E-Commerce Shoppers In-Store

As a local store selling gifts and other mid-century modern vintage items in Brooklyn, New York, Woods Grove has a hard time competing with national chains. But the local retailer has managed to piggyback on the success of e-commerce heavyweights like Everlane and Tradesy.

Case Study: North Dakota Tourism Uses Location Data to Reinforce Media Buying Strategies

At North Dakota Tourism, marketing manager Heather LeMoine found a way to use mobile location tracking to learn more about the differences between U.S. and Canadian travelers. Using the information, she’s been able to adjust her organization’s media plan to ensure more successful campaigns.

How Cinnabon Uses Digital Tools to Thrive Despite Declining Foot Traffic

“Everyone’s going to use the buzzwords like omnichannel, but the bottom line is you have to figure out how your brand is going to play in the new world and be accessible to people in the way they want it,” says Joe Guith, president of Cinnabon.

Case Study: Audiologist Offloads Management of Digital Campaigns

Audiology First owner Diana Wagner knew that establishing a presence online would be essential to growing her business, but running online marketing campaigns required too much day-to-day involvement for her to be able to handle everything on her own.

Case Study: Jack in the Box Explores Autonomous Delivery Robots

While the company is keeping a tight lid on which other technology platforms it’s testing out currently, Alter says consumers can expect that its new robot delivery fleet is just a part of its experimentation with hyperlocal tech.

Case Study: How a Newborn Photographer Uses CRM for Creative Remarketing

Heather Read isn’t just the lead photographer at her eponymous business in Chicago, Illinois, she’s also the head marketer, strategist, editor, and customer service representative. Like so many other small business owners, Read finds it difficult to launch the types of aggressive campaigns she needs to keep her business growing.

Mattress in Bedroom

Case Study: Mattress Brand Targets Ads to Warm-Weather Locations

When temperatures rise, people get uncomfortable in their beds. This universal problem is something that the advertising team at the direct-to-consumer mattress brand Purple decided it could capitalize on to drive sales with a location-targeted ad campaign launched last year.

Case Study: Ski Resort Uses Triggered Campaigns to Convert Passholders

At Mission Ridge Ski Area in Wenatchee, Washington, director of marketing Tony Hickok is in the midst of launching and scaling a learn-to-ski program called Freedom Pass, and he’s using an automated marketing platform to target the right skiers and snowboarders at the right time.

Case Study: Hospitality Group Uses CRM to Understand Customer Patterns

At Philadelphia-based Garces — which has more than a dozen restaurants spread across the East Coast — getting inside the minds of consumers and more strategically managing guest feedback has become a top priority.

Case Study: Auto Shop Outsources Social Ad Campaigns

As social media advertising becomes more pervasive, businesses have to do more to get noticed. At Reliable Auto Repair in San Jose, California, Operations Manager Michael Jidkov says the hardest part about reaching customers on Facebook, Google, and Yelp is standing apart from the competition.


Case Study: Bake Shop Owner Finds Customers in Local Facebook Groups

What does it mean to run a local business without a local storefront? For Melissa Brogan, owner of The Bug & The Bear Bakeshoppe, it means having to use highly-targeted online marketing strategies to let people know she’s open for business, without getting the marketing benefits that come from having signage on the front of a physical storefront.

Case Study: Convenience Store Chain Streamlines Mobile Offer Creation

Switching from paper to digital coupons usually saves businesses time and money, but that’s not always the case. For Mike Templeton, digital marketing manager at Kum & Go, a convenience store chain with hundreds of locations, personally designing and managing the distribution of digital coupons quickly became a hassle.

Spa Facial

Case Study: How a Maryland Spa Owner Tackles Online Marketing

Laura Correa has made a name for herself in the Washington, DC area with restorative facials and rejuvenating therapeutic treatments, but in order to keep her skin spa afloat and compete against larger chains, Correa stays on top of the latest digital marketing trends

Case Study: Bonobos Integrates In-Store Tech for Seamless Shopping Experience

In many ways, Bonobos has become a model for e-commerce startups. Although the New York City-based company started out as an online-only men’s retailer in 2007, it has since expanded its physical presence with real world stores spread across the U.S.