Adapting to New iOS13 and Android Q Location Sharing Permission Changes: What to Expect

This month, both Apple and Google released significant updates to their operating systems (OS) that will have a big impact on the way location data is shared and collected. It is just one of many ways the tech industry is trying to self-regulate and protect consumers’ information in the absence of federal-level privacy regulations.

These new location-sharing permission changes impact an app’s ability to gather the necessary data they need to build location-based app features, and while it’s too early to understand the significance of the impact, these changes give a clear indication of how the tech industry must evolve to be more transparent with consumers and provide clearer, opt-in consent through any data exchange.

Adapting and adjusting to these changes first and foremost require a high-level understanding of what specifically these updates include, and how they impact the interaction between an app and its users. 

Hiya and Samsung Turn the Phone Dialer Into a Local Search Engine

“When you buy a new Samsung device, the phone just does more than the iPhone or any other Android,” says Mayur Kamat, Hiya’s VP of product. “Without downloading or installing anything, the user can call a business in the same way they call their friends and family.”

How Apple’s iOS 10 Enables Location Marketing On-Demand

The company unleashed a slew of features with iOS 10, such as the ability to transcribe phone messages automatically. Three features in particular give businesses a glimpse at how the customer journey continues to increase in velocity.

Will ApplePay Be the Company’s Next Mega-Business?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Apple is currently in need of a really big new product (a la iPhone or iPad) to keep growing. I think the company has ample opportunity to turn the payments industry on its head and make ApplePay its next big product.

The Same, Only More So: Apple Introduces Comprehensive Refresh of Mobile, Wearables and TV

If there is a specifically local business implication to the new products and services, it lies in this deeper level of integration with a more mobile world, where the nimbleness of apps (think computing lite) gives everyone the ability to customize and communicate on the fly.

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Apple’s Big Day: What It Means for Local Tech

It’s that time again. After plenty of buzz, Apple is set to release several new products amidst the usual pomp and circumstance. Here’s a look at how all of Apple’ expected announcements might impact the way local is done…

Street Fight Daily: NFC in New iPhone, 7-Eleven Rolls Out Belly

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Apple Maps: Taking the Long View

There’s no dancing around the fact that the much-anticipated launch of Apple Maps has turned into a fiasco for the company. Yet there’s little doubt Apple will buff out this particular blemish with time. The interesting part will be seeing exactly how the company chooses to address the gap in expertise that led to the current sub-par product. A big acquisition of talent or technology seems likely…

iOS6: Can Google Beat Apple in its Own Backyard?

Mapping is a game ultimately won on function rather than form. This requires lots of listings data and search algorithms; in other words, things that are non-core to Apple. Relative to Google’s tenure in this area, Apple is only starting to stitch together local vertical content partners like Yelp and TomTom. And it’s already starting to show…

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In this week’s episode, hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khan look at Twitter’s new location targeting, Apple’s Passbook and Swarm’s in-store analytics. Plus funding news, the resource of the week and Asif sits down with Roximity’s Danny Newman.

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‘Location’ is at Apple’s iPhone Core (Patently Apple)

The site Patently Apple has a rather interesting observation about some of the recent patent filings by Apple related to its iPhone. According to PA via records it has surface Apple is attacking the big and the small around geolocation, with technological tweaks and improvements (that are actually

quite complex) and practical setups to solving common human needs like “what am I about to pass on my trip to grandma’s that I might be interested in?”…