‘Location’ is at Apple’s iPhone Core (Patently Apple)

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The site Patently Apple has a rather interesting observation about some of the recent patent filings by Apple related to its iPhone. According to PA via records it has surface Apple is attacking the big and the small around geolocation, with technological tweaks and improvements (that are actually

quite complex) and practical setups to solving common human needs like “what am I about to pass on my trip to grandma’s that I might be interested in?”

It’s all cool stuff, and some (surprise!) overlap or squash comp

letely the need for some existing apps. Sorry developers. But the trade off of improvements to location detection, better directional detection and so on might be worth it to their future app projects.

Now if I could only get Apple to put more time into developing short-range, hyper-accurate location solutions based not solely on GPS but on the internal gyroscope I’d be pleased: No longer would you know just if you’re near grandma’s house but whether your near the cookie jar in her kitchen.

This post originally appeared on Locl.ly.