Banks Can Add Amazon and Expansion of Retail Media Networks to the Watch List

Amazon wants to be as involved as possible in the end-to-end shopping experience — hence the threat to financial institutions. Yet there are ways for banks to stay in the game in the face of Amazon’s latest moves.

What Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ Expansion Means for Local Merchants

Buy with Prime could accelerate Amazon’s growth and merchant adoption of FBA. It could also lead to a shift in order fulfillment volume from the third-party logistics companies that many merchants currently use for order fulfillment over to FBA. That’s good news for Amazon but bad news for third-party logistics companies and post-purchase experience platforms working primarily with mid-size merchants.

How Brands Are Navigating Online Marketplaces, Especially Amazon

I connected with Dani Nadel, president and COO of Feedvisor, a firm focused on Amazon optimization, to discuss the state of online marketplaces, Amazon strategies, and alternatives for businesses looking for other platforms.

2021 Lessons That Should Inform Your 2022 E-Commerce Marketplace Strategy

This digital-first mindset applies more pressure than ever on brands to create a holistic online experience in 2022, one that combines tried and true business strategies with creative new methods for enhanced visibility and customer experience. Success will come down to three critical elements in the year ahead: brand discoverability, compelling offers, and seamless customer experiences.

Innovation Brief: Amazon, Spotify & Local Delivery

Street Fight’s Innovation Brief series aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at Spotify eCommerce, smart local delivery and Amazon’s healthcare play.

Anti-Surveillance Group Claims Privacy and Antitrust Are Intertwined Issues

Two of the major policy complaints to arise about the technology sector over the past few years have been that advertising platforms, most notably Google, Facebook, and Amazon, compromise user privacy and that a select few companies — the aforementioned names plus Microsoft and Apple — are so powerful that they prevent new innovators from competing. An open letter by privacy-oriented enterprises alleges that the two issues are intertwined.

Try Day Parting to Boost Your Amazon Ads

Advertisers are turning to day parting — scheduling pay-per-click (PPC) ads to run only during certain days and times — to better optimize their ads on Amazon’s marketplace. The tactic helps sellers reach more consumers, boost conversions, and drives down costs.

LBMA: Amazon Prepares to Launch a Publisher ID

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers the arrival of PayPal QR Codes at Munich Airport, Amazon getting ready to launch its own publisher ID, a digital signage portal bridging Lithuania and Poland, and GroundTruth rolling out geo-contextual targeting on OTT/CTV.

Amazon’s Retail-as-a-Service Expands into Payments, AR, and Salons

As Amazon continues to mature, it needs to find revenue growth in new, creative places. The company’s booming advertising business is one such conquest. Iterating on the AWS playbook by bringing tech-fueled logistical innovations to physical stores could be another.

Expert Roundup: How Will Retail Transform in 2021? Part II

In part II of our retail expert roundup, we cover mixed reality’s role in retail, data, and privacy compliance, and how retail can recover and rebound in 2021.

Expert Roundup: How Will Retail Transform in 2021?

Retail transformation experts expound on Google and Amazon’s approaches to e-commerce, managing customer relationships, and targeting after cookies.

Amazon Advertising Juices Earnings, Fueled by Growth in PPC

A whopping 75% of third-party Amazon sellers are now using Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to promote their products on the site, according to a survey by the all-in-one selling platform Jungle Scout. Those sellers are achieving some enviable results.

3 Big Tech Predictions for 2021

Welcome to 2021: another year where everything will change faster than ever. Speed will define the year, as it did in 2020. Consumer behavior is rapidly shifting, and the big tech firms that define the e-commerce landscape are becoming more agile as a result. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google aren’t going to slow down even […]