Location-Based Marketing Association: Why Starbucks is Adding EV Charging Stations

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association talks about Volvo installing EV charging stations at Starbucks stores, Tim Hortons doing the same in Canada, ParkBee raising $33M, Prose partnering with BreezoMeter on local pollution-based hair care, and CrownTV releasing a digital signage app to display NFTs at retailers.

Let’s Stay Together: Retaining Customers in a Post-Pandemic E-Commerce World

Brands can maximize customer retention through integrated subscription experiences, exclusive content, and technology that prioritizes customer behavior.

Ranking Correlations with Other Reputation and Search Metrics Are Not Linear

Google appears to think of ranking in terms of zones, where the first zone features the best possible mix of proximity, relevance, and prominence, and the second zone begins to sacrifice either proximity, or relevance, or both, but is less likely to sacrifice prominence. In more human terms, this means that Google wants to show us the best options for a query, and when it runs of inventory, it brings in results that are farther away or that might offer a reasonable alternative.

Cookies Are Expiring, But One-to-One Experiences Don’t Have To

Social data, or social audience insights, make a cookieless world a lot less ominous by providing a more transparent way for marketers to connect with their audiences. Here are three key differences between third-party cookies and social audience insights.

Don’t Fall for the Cookieless Trap

In the quest for future-proof advertising, effective and privacy-safe solutions should be the end goals. What we’ve stumbled upon, though, is chasing the need to declare a product or technique “cookieless,” as if that distinction alone will solve marketers’ issues going forward.

4 Things Publishers Need to Do to Grow their Audience Data

Creating scalable audience solutions is proving to be difficult even for the largest publishers and very hard for anyone beyond that. Missed monetization opportunities could be a deathblow to publishers, and seeing that more than half are unable — or unprepared — to scale their audience solutions is cause for concern.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Mavi.io Launches OnMyWay App to Enable In-Car Ordering

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association talks about Snap teaming with SignAll to develop AR filters using ASL, Instacart partnering with Oriient for their IndoorGPS tech, Philadelphia’s transportation departments (OTIS) using location data for real-time bus arrival information, and Mavi.io launching OnMyWay app for ordering from your car.

The Growth of Visual Search

Claire Carlile, in a recent post on visual search that contains useful tips for local businesses, shows us that Google is now making it possible to conduct a search that starts and ends with images. Her example search is conducted using Google Lens, where an image of a Sony headphones package is the “query” that produces a local pack result replete with its own images. This may or may not be the future of search, but it’s highly representative of the visual-first orientation that Google is embracing to a growing degree.

Impacts of a Cookieless Future

Preparing for the end of third-party cookies now enables you to take advantage of the benefits of the alternative approaches available to you. The sooner you start, the better equipped you’ll be to minimize negative impacts on your marketing KPIs — and even find new ways to grow.

How Brands Can Better Serve Increasingly Elastic Customers

One of the many things the pandemic has demonstrated is the elasticity of consumers – they’ll continue to consume and ‘snap back’ to their preferred methods, albeit with some new expectations. This is what businesses need to know about the elastic consumer and how they can shift practices to best serve their customers in 2022.

Does Anyone Want Hermetic Commerce? A Reflection on Local and the Metaverse

What is it, besides the need of Meta as a public company to develop new marketplaces — and perhaps distance itself from unpleasant contemporary scandals — that is driving such an aggressive vision of the future? Why the metaverse, and why now?

Location-Based Marketing Association: Google Displays Nearby Cars for Sale in Search

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses DoorDash launching a gas rewards program to offset high prices, SES-Imagotag and UNICEF using electronic shelf labels to drive donations for Ukraine, GroundTruth and Flowcode partnering on QR codes in TV, and Google displaying nearby cars for sale in search.

Snap Scales Up its Geo-Local AR Ambitions

Snap’s AR lens playbook started with a handful of in-house lenses like rainbow vomit and dog ears, before opening up the Lens Studio platform to creators everywhere. And it seems to be working, given that Snap now gets 6 billion daily lens plays. Could geo-local AR be next?

mobile payments

The Future of Personalization Requires Direct Engagement with Consumers

We can probably all agree that to attempt personalization and get it wrong is worse than not doing it at all. No one wants to invest significant money into data collection to not see the ROI, and consumers don’t want to see irrelevant messaging from brands. So, how can marketers effectively personalize their communications and understand the human they are trying to reach behind the screen?

Mixing the Right Ingredients for Powerful, Clickable Content

In the age of social media and incessant scrolling, marketers can easily lose prospective customers’ attention. How can one create Instagram or Twitter-worthy content that not only draws eyeballs but also compels shoppers to make a purchase? By laying the proper groundwork, striking the right emotional chord, and getting creative, business can create powerful, clickable content.

Refocusing the Contextual Advertising Conversation on Outcomes

It’s time to stop getting hung up in the jargon. Instead, let’s talk about what really matters to marketers: outcomes and how to secure them.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Uber Launches In-App Entertainment Booking

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses Uber launching in-app entertainment booking, AT&T using street lamps to ramp up 5G coverage, Narvar picking up returns from customers’ homes, and Area launching geo-location NFT platform.

The Evolution of Sponsorships in the Event Industry

What might the future bring with ads and sponsorships within the event industry? Plenty more innovation, whether the events are in person or hybrid. Maybe we’ll see a 10-second advertisement prior to a session starting — or a quick ad in between sessions.

Could Delivery Service Partners Offer Restaurants More Than a Lifeline?

Data and AI enabled the digitization of advertising a decade ago. Now, those same forces that drove innovation and transformation in advertising are changing the dynamics between restaurants and delivery service partners. DSPs are becoming more than a lifeline. They’re helping fundamentally change how restaurants and the industry operate while also helping to create the omnichannel restaurant business of the future.

The Post-App Era: Optimizing Customer Interactions with Personalization

Now is the time to pivot. Shifting the focus to mobile and social messaging channels might seem like a tall order, but optimizing customer interactions through these channels can be easily accomplished if brands increase their social touch points with consumers. After all, a customer journey is only successful if you understand the customer’s needs upfront.