Street Fight Daily: Best Practices in Reputation and Review Management, Ad Tech Consolidation

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Survey: Identifying Best Practices in Reputation and Review Management (Street Fight)
Multi-location brands that use reputation and review management to manage local marketing and advertising are more likely to say that their marketing efforts are effective, according to Street Fight’s latest survey. Analysis of the survey identified several related strategies that correlated strongly with marketing effectiveness, including trying to respond to every review and working with a reputation specialist with its own technology.

As Duopoly Reigns, Ad Tech Industry Consolidates (NYT)
Online advertising companies have struggled for several years as Google and Facebook solidified their grip on digital dollars, slowing revenue for the others. Now, many ad tech companies and their investors are throwing up their hands.

Happy Returns Expands Into College Market (Street Fight)
Startup Happy Returns, based in Santa Monica and founded by alums from HauteLook and, offers a way for shoppers to return e-commerce purchases at real-world kiosks. Beginning this fall, Happy Returns will be setting up kiosks—which it calls “Return Bars”—at five campuses around the country to capitalize on the returns generated by back-to-college online shopping.

Google Tracks Your Movements, Like It Or Not (AP)
An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so.


DSPs Grapple with Whether to Bid on Impressions with No GDPR Consent Signals (Digiday)
Demand-side ad tech vendors are struggling to decide whether or not to bid on ad impressions depending on what user-consent information is attached to them.

Amazon Pilots Direct Deals Through DSP (AdExchanger)
Amazon has begun enabling guaranteed private marketplace buys between its DSP clients and publishers using its Transparent Ad Marketplace product.


Startup Finds Paying Consumers to Look at Ads Is About Value, Not Money (MediaPost)
Of all the existential issues Madison Avenue has had to grapple with in recent years, none seems so antithetical as new models that effectively bypass media altogether and treat consumers as their own, first-person medium.

Retail Apocalypse Watch: Office Depot Now Moonlights as Coworking Space (Fast Company)
In the latest sign of the ongoing retail apocalypse, Office Depot has been forced to pick up a part-time job. The company announced today that it is piloting its first-ever coworking space, neatly integrated into its Los Gatos, California, retail location.

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