Street Fight Daily: Inside the Industry: JumpCrew, Broadly, BPA Worldwide and Bombora Disrupt MarTech

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How JumpCrew Grew to a Team of 200 in Just About Two Years (Street Fight)
The way that people are going about acquiring new customers has really kind of been the same for the last 15–20 years,” CEO Robert Henderson said. He hopes that JumpCrew’s services will change that. “We’re putting together those solutions in packages and processes that are really easy for businesses to understand,” he said.

Heard on the Street, Episode 8: ‘Engineered Casual’ with Broadly CEO Josh Melick (Street Fight)
Word of mouth has been a leading form of local marketing for more than a century. But in a digital age, the name of the game is harnessing it by combining “IRL” chatter with the power of software and network effect. This is the bread and butter of Broadly, whose CEO and founder Josh Melick is our latest guest on our podcast Heard on the Street. 

BPA Worldwide and Bombora Supply Publishers With Tools To Compete with the Duopoly (Street Fight)
If publishers are to compete with Google and Facebook for advertising dollars, they need to offer hyper-valuable media inventory that provides cutting-edge insights on the audiences their platforms reach. Enter secure media exchange BPA Worldwide and provider of B2B intent data Bombora, which are announcing a partnership today to offer crucial advertising resources to publishers.

Top 5 OOH Advertising Trends (MediaPost)
Out of home is the only traditional media seeing ad spending growth right now, and for good reason. It remains relevant despite continued development and deployment of new media that have drawn eyeballs away from newspapers, magazines and linear television.

Campaign Effectiveness Comes Down to Great Ads, Not Viewability (AdExchanger)
Paul Lowrey: You might have a high viewability score, but if the way the message is presented doesn’t hit home with the right consumer, the campaign will underperform. Placing an ad in front of the right person at the right time is only effective if the ad attracts the attention of the person viewing it.

This Fast-Growing E-Commerce Management Platform Has the Attention of Pepsi and P&G (Street Fight)
Content Analytics, which fancies itself “the only end-to-end eCommerce management platform,” is growing at a rapid clip, and big brands are taking note. The company announced on Tuesday its eighth consecutive quarter of YOY growth exceeding 100%.


Facebook Is Succeeding In Spite of Itself (Recode)
There are two simple, measurable ways that Facebook could have been punished for all of its stumbles these past 18 months: Advertisers could’ve taken their dollars elsewhere, and users could’ve taken their eyeballs elsewhere. So far, neither of those things have happened. Digiday: Facebook’s issue ads policy continues to frustrate media buyers. WSJ: Facebook is setting up an innovation hub in China in order to boost its presence

Amazon Is Bringing Free Whole Foods Deliveries to NYC and Florida (The Verge)
Today, Amazon’s grocery delivery service expands to Prime members in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Long Island, lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Items eligible for delivery include fresh produce and other perishable goods like meats and dairy products.

Pinterest Nearing $1 Billion in Ad Sales As It Inches Toward IPO (CNBC)
Pinterest has taken a long time to justify its monstrous private market valuation. However the social media company is finally approaching $1 billion in ad revenue as it pushes toward an IPO in mid-2019, according to people familiar with the matter.

Verizon Is Seeking Google or Apple As 5G TV Provider (Bloomberg)
Verizon is seeking to partner with Google or Apple to provide television when it launches the first super fast 5G service to homes in Los Angeles and Sacramento later this year, according to a person familiar with the situation.

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