How JumpCrew Grew to a Team of 200 in Just About Two Years

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Client acquisition firm JumpCrew recently closed a $5.4 million Series A and reached $10 million in annualized revenue, just two years after its launch date. The company has also begun sponsoring a podcast called JumpByDesign, which hosts a series of industry leaders sharing their learning experiences.

Our growth strategy has worked,” said Robert Henderson, JumpCrew’s CEO and co-founder. “When we last spoke to Street Fight … we were probably about 50 employees. Today, as of July 1, we’ve just crossed that 200-employee mark. Certainly, the rapid growth has occurred in line with our projections and our plans for the business,” he added.

Robert Henderson and David Pachter, co-founders of JumpCrew

About 18 months ago, David Pachter, Henderson’s co-founder, spoke with Street Fight about the company’s focus on growing talent through a team-based culture. Nearly a year and a half down the line, Henderson extolled the success of that strategy.

“One thing that’s really served us well in growing quickly, and what’s really developed over time, is really just continuing to build that team mentality,” he said, describing a group of experts with diverse backgrounds coming together to build a culture of balance.

JumpCrew offers a series of services that include paid ads, database building, and a dedicated sales team. “The way that people are going about acquiring new customers has really kind of been the same for the last 15–20 years,” Henderson said. He hopes that JumpCrew’s services will change that. “We’re putting together those solutions in packages and processes that are really easy for businesses to understand,” he said.

Finding such large market demand for JumpCrew’s services has been somewhat surprising, Henderson said. The market needs a service that combines human intelligence, technology, marketing, and sales, which is what JumpCrew strives to do.

“Over the last 10 years, almost all companies have identified that using technology to attract more customers and make more sales is a no-brainer. But how you bring those two things together and really merge them into one cohesive practice is a challenge that every company is having today,” he added.

Many companies solve point problems, like SEO, paid search, and marketing observation, but client acquisition growth takes a solution to a combination of those problems, Henderson said. “We bring together all of those different pieces to provide a solution.”

Clients often start with a smaller solution offered by JumpCrew and then expand. “The vast majority of our clients are increasing their engagement with us as times goes on, and we’re more successful,” the CEO said.

JumpCrew plans to expand by building automation and artificial intelligence into its services, including the introduction of email automation and chatbots. The efficiency offered by AI will create new opportunities for JumpCrew and its clients, Henderson said.

The company hopes to expand to at least 500 employees over the next three to five years, he said.

Anna Kramer is a staff writer at Street Fight.