Hires and Openings at Blis, TruMeasure, and Adzuna

Every two or three weeks, Street Fight rounds up some of the latest hires and new openings in the hyperlocal marketing, tech, and media industries. This week’s edition includes moves and openings at Broadly, Cedato, Magisto, SiteSwan, and New York Magazine.

Street Fight Daily: Inside the Industry: JumpCrew, Broadly, BPA Worldwide and Bombora Disrupt MarTech

RISING STARS AND DISRUPTIVE MOVES… How JumpCrew Grew to a Team of 200 in Just About Two Years… Heard on the Street, Episode 8: ‘Engineered Casual’ with Broadly CEO Josh Melick… BPA Worldwide and Bombora Supply Publishers With Tools To Compete with the Duopoly…

Heard on the Street, Episode 8: ‘Engineered Casual’ with Broadly CEO Josh Melick

Word of mouth has been a leading form of local marketing for more than a century. But in a digital age, the name of the game is harnessing it by combining “IRL” chatter with the power of software and network effect. This is the bread and butter of Broadly, whose CEO and founder Josh Melick is our latest guest on our podcast Heard on the Street. 

Street Fight Daily: Highlights from Street Fight Summit, Advertisers Drop DSPs to Cut Costs

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… #SFSNYC: The Growing Power of SMB OS… #SFSNYC: Investors on Billion-Dollar Opportunities in Local and Where to Find Them… Advertisers Cut DSPs 40% Over Two Years…

#SFSNYC: Broadly CEO: Brick-and-Mortars Need to Become Messaging Centers

Phone calls and contact forms are dead, but what about websites? Not so much, said Josh Melick, CEO of Broadly, at Street Fight’s annual summit in New York Wednesday. With this trend showing no signs of stopping, websites—especially those of local businesses—need to become messaging centers.

At Cloud Summit, a Focus on the Transition to SaaS Services

ReachLocal’s CPO Kris Barton noted that SaaS churn is typically between 6 percent and 22 percent. Media churn is between 39 percent and 86 percent. The key is to provide an integrated marketing system, said Barton: “Sixty-four percent are more likely to use a marketing system when it is integrated with core business systems.”

Openings and New Hires SalesFuel, Upserve, Search Influence

Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest openings and new hires in this dynamic industry. This week’s edition includes moves and new openings at the LA Times, Broadly and Macy’s

7 Strategies SMBs Can Use to Promote Social Sharing

Rather than letting social sharing happen organically, local businesses are searching for ways to maximize the influence and generate more online buzz around their products and services. Here are seven strategies for how businesses can do just that…