Street Fight Daily: Accuracy is King for Data Buyers, Google’s Earnings Make a $5 Billion Fine Look Silly

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Study: Accuracy is the Most Important Factor for Marketers Buying or Using Audience Data (Street Fight)
In a poll of 300 advertisers that buy or use audience data, data management platform Lotame found that 84% say the accuracy of the data is the most important factor in determining whether they’ll buy it and if they’ll buy more of it.

Surprise? Google Beats Expectations, Driven by Mobile and Cloud Services (Digiday)
Mobile search is still Google’s kingpin. For the second-quarter of 2018, Alphabet’s total revenue was $32.7 billion with mobile search leading the way. That’s up 26 percent from the year prior. Quartz: With cloud services ascendant, Alphabet is no longer a one-trick pony

Black Monday: Tronc Axes Half the New York Daily News Staff (Street Fight)
It is capturing cynical headlines across the media landscape: Tronc, the widely trashed name for the media company formerly known as Tribune Publishing, has sacked half the staff of the New York Daily News.


Womply: Prime Day Coincides with Bump in Small Retailer Revenue (Street Fight)
It would make sense to assume that Amazon’s e-commerce extravaganza results in a decline in foot traffic for brick-and-mortar retailers, especially small ones. Womply’s data science team has intel that says otherwise.

Earn an A+ with Back-to-School Email Marketing (Street Fight)
Bob Gaito: Retailers, have you optimized your email marketing for back-to-school shopping? If not, it’s not too late—there’s still a huge opportunity to capture your share of this year’s lucrative season, with sales predicted to reach nearly $83 billion.

Amazon Stock Drops After Trump’s Angry Antitrust Tweets (Fast Company)
In what shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, President Donald Trump has once again tweeted something bizarre. Two of the messages were focused on Amazon and the Washington Post–both of which are owned by Jeff Bezos.

Back-to-College Shoppers Gear Up for Big Spending (MediaPost)
Marketers like Target, Apple, Walmart and Ikea may all be competing to be the cool brand on campus, but it looks like back-to-college spending may be flat this year, according to a forecast from Deloitte.


The Guardian US Teams Up With Google and MightyHive to Uncover Programmatic Fraud (The Guardian)
The results showed clear evidence of unauthorized exchanges claiming to have sold Guardian US inventory and taking revenue when the buy was made through the open exchange.

Ads.cert Is Digital Media’s Latest Effort to Combat Ad Fraud (Digiday)
The digital ad industry’s ads.txt effort to root out certain types of programmatic ad fraud, like domain spoofing, has shown to be effective at ensuring advertisers’ ads and dollars make it to their intended publishers—but it’s not perfect.

Fact Checkers Have Debunked This Fake News Site 80 Times. It’s Still on Facebook (Poynter)
InfoWars isn’t the only misinforming page that’s still allowed to publish on Facebook. YourNewsWire is one of the most popular fake news publishers in the world.

Joe Zappa is the Managing Editor of Street Fight. He has spearheaded the newsroom's editorial operations since 2018. Joe is an ad/martech veteran who has covered the space since 2015. You can contact him at [email protected]