Street Fight Daily: A Major Ruling on Online Reviews; Local Publishers Bet on Marketing Services

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Yelp Can’t Be Forced to Take Down Allegedly Libelous Reviews (The Verge)
Businesses can’t sue Yelp to get defamatory reviews removed, California’s Supreme Court has ruled. The decision overturns a lower court’s ruling against Yelp, affirming rules that shield internet platforms from legal liability over users’ posts.

Why Local Media Firms Are Banking Big on Marketing Services to Grow Revenue (Street Fight)
In an under-the-radar move to grow their revenue substantially, local media companies are putting major resources into developing a broad suite of digital marketing services (DMS). Media companies make this pivot as B2Cs rethink their own marketing goals, aiming not just to reach potential consumers but to convert them into paying customers, closing the path to purchase.

Amazon Will Supersize Its Second Grab-and-Go Grocery Store in Seattle (Fortune)
Amazon’s futuristic grocery store, which relies on computer vision and AI to get rid of cashiers for checkout, will open its second location this year, the company confirmed Tuesday.

Street Culture: Ibotta’s Growth Teaches CEO to Make Cultural Expectations Explicit (Street Fight)
“Younger employees are increasingly looking for mission-driven approaches in their work,” says Bryan Leach, founder and CEO of Ibotta. “They want to go someplace where they will get better and have someone to help them become the best version of themselves.”

Programmatic Guaranteed: A Chance to Rethink Publisher Growth (AdExchanger)
Devlin Jefferson: Demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms have their place, but publishers gain a lot when they take programmatic guaranteed into their own hands.

The Secret of Quartz’s Success? There Are Several (Poynter)
Fundamentally, it has flourished because it was — and still is — a good idea, well-executed. The shoals are littered with the remains of magazine launches that flunked one or both of those tests.

Brands Trying to Bring Marketing In-House Discover Staffing Challenges (Digiday)
Companies bringing more marketing resources in-house are struggling to find the talent they need, with a range of reasons why, from making sure a person fits the culture to archaic human resources systems to finding talent outside of a few coastal cities.

Lyft and Uber Won’t Be Happy Until They’re Your One-Stop Transit Guide (NYT)
Uber and Lyft came to prominence with their ride-hailing services. But increasingly they’re betting on other modes of transportation — with the aim of becoming the only service people need to get around cities.

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