How Should SMBs Respond to Complaints on Social Media?

The way a merchant responds to complaints on social media will influence not only the perception of the offended customer, but also the perception of any potential customers who view the interaction online. Here are eight strategies that business owners can use when deciding how best to respond to customer complaints on social media.

Street Fight Daily: Mobile and International Feed Facebook Revenue, Mixed Reviews on AMP

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Mobile, International Dollars Drive Facebook to Projected $33 Billion in Ad Revenue Next Year… Google AMP Gets Mixed Reviews from Publishers… To Aid Attribution, LeadsRx Launches One Tracking Pixel to Rule Them All…

Street Culture: UberMedia’s Transparency and Deliberate Growth Helps them Win Halloween

“We do a lot of different things every day, but it’s not like, ‘check check check,’ everything’s done,” says the company’s CEO Gladys Kong. “It’s about not being afraid to try new things. Keep learning. Keep working at it. Have integrity and deliver excellence”

Philly Answer to Tough Critique of Newspapers’ Digital Push: We Need to Do Better and We Will

A new study that says newspapers’ struggle to bridge the immense gap between the print and digital worlds has been a near-total bust. We spoke about the study with to Jim Friedlich, Executive Director and CEO of the Institute for Journalism in New Media.

LBMA Podcast: GasBuddy, OpenTable, and TomTom’s Parking Solution

This Week in Location Based Marketing is a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association with Asif Khan and Aubriana Lopez. On the show: Australia Post & Posterscope, Snapchat, Reali, Sears, Koupon Media + Verifone, ReviewPush + Yelp, and Panasonic’s smart mirror.

Street Fight Daily: Feds Restrict Data-Sharing, Speculation That Gannett/Tronc Could Fall Through

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Broadband Providers Will Soon Need User Permission to Sell User Data… Gannett and Tronc Shares Tank on Speculation Deal is Off… LivingSocial’s Lessons for the Experience Economy…

How Businesses Are Using Ridesharing Services to Bring in New Customers

Consumer demand for ridesharing services has never been higher, with 40 million monthly riders spending an average of $50 on Uber alone. Now, some businesses are hoping that they can piggyback on that success by running promotions in conjunction with these very same services.

Foursquare’s Rosenblatt: ‘Location Is the Atomic Unit of Mobile’

Foursquare has gone from check-in darling to an under-recognized data powerhouse. But in that transition, it’s more successful than ever. And its primary emphasis has remained the entire time: real-world consumer behavior. Meanwhile, the ad industry’s hunger for location data grows.

Street Fight Daily: Groupon Acquires LivingSocial, Businesses Use Ride-Sharing to Create Revenue

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Groupon is Buying LivingSocial, Plans to Downsize Business to 15 Markets from 27… Snaplytics Debuts Snapchat Revenue Measurement Tool to Inform Brand Marketing… Google Voice Search Comparison Shops on Mobile, Creating Audio Ad Opportunity…

#SFSNYC: Street Fight Announces Winners of the 2016 Local Visionary Awards

The 13-category competition honors the very best campaigns, companies, ideas, and individuals working in the local marketing and commerce ecosystem. Nearly 200 submissions were received in the competition, and they were judged by a group of innovators and local experts.

#SFSNYC: Finding the Next Billion-Dollar Local Startup

Having a great idea for a new product to launch in the local space is exciting. However, taking an idea and turning it into the next great local company takes money. And sometimes, it takes a lot of money to go from idea to a billion dollar product.

Selling to SMBs: AIDA and The Conversion Zone

I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike to talk about what changes throughout the course of the “bell curve ride” in selling to small and medium-sized businesses — and how organizations need to adapt at each stage in order to ensure continued success. Here’s the best way I can explain how it all works.

#SFSNYC: Why Location Data Management Needs Technology and Agency Services

At Street Fight Summit in New York on Tuesday, Brett Fritz, VP of business development at digital performance marketing company DAC Group, spoke about why marketing and location data management should be done by a mix of agency work and technology.

Street Fight Daily: Google Gets Lift from Maps Ads, Facebook’s E-Commerce Strategy

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google Sees Lift from Maps Ads, Local Mobile Clicks… Facebook Puts Off Monetization of E-Commerce Efforts to Boost their Popularity… BloomReach Acquires Hippo to Create, Personalize, and Measure Every Digital Experience…

#SFSNYC: Soleo Announces Version 2.0 of Local Search API

The local search company announced the launch of its new Local Search API at Street Fight Summit 2016, opening it up to developers to start using in their own projects. This new version brings together natural language processing and its database of over 20 million business listings.

#SFSNYC: How Marketers Are Closing in on the Holy Grail of Mobile Attribution

“What’s super interesting is the fact that we now have a bridge between the digital and physical world,” said Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt, talking about how this new rise in data makes it much easier to see what’s going on down to the hyperlocal level.

#SFSNYC: How Local Tech Companies Can Reach Scale in the SMB Ecosystem

Creating new technology for the SMB space is one thing; trying to achieve any sort of scale is something entirely different. Companies either need to bring on a large sales force to go door to door or they need to partner with one of the much larger companies in the space.

The Increasing Impact of Reviews and Google+ (?!) on Local SEO

Some new data has given us some “big time insight” into how Google is using authoritative local sites to inform local search rankings, says David Mihm. Mike Blumenthal agrees, saying that the prominence of local review pages and appears to be “transferring prominence directly to the local entity in a way that is totally independent of links.”

Local Listings Get a Real-Time Update from Brandify

The company’s new digital marketing platform combines the power of tech with the authority of the human brain. Brandify’s Nip Zalavadia, says the platform has the capability to access and analyze huge amounts of data, but also uses real people to address details that often fall through the cracks of automated software solutions.

How Lawyers Capture & Convert Clients

No longer a taboo, law firms are aggressively using digital channels to recruit clients, in response to changes in consumer behavior. According to a survey by FindLaw, 74% of prospects who begin their searches online end up contacting their choice firms via phone. Eighty-six percent of consumers start their online research with search engines, and a small-but-growing 3% relies on social media.