#SFSNYC: Street Fight Announces Winners of the 2016 Local Visionary Awards

The 13-category competition honors the very best campaigns, companies, ideas, and individuals working in the local marketing and commerce ecosystem. Nearly 200 submissions were received in the competition, and they were judged by a group of innovators and local experts.

#SFSNYC: Finding the Next Billion-Dollar Local Startup

Having a great idea for a new product to launch in the local space is exciting. However, taking an idea and turning it into the next great local company takes money. And sometimes, it takes a lot of money to go from idea to a billion dollar product.

#SFSNYC: Why Location Data Management Needs Technology and Agency Services

At Street Fight Summit in New York on Tuesday, Brett Fritz, VP of business development at digital performance marketing company DAC Group, spoke about why marketing and location data management should be done by a mix of agency work and technology.

#SFSNYC: Soleo Announces Version 2.0 of Local Search API

The local search company announced the launch of its new Local Search API at Street Fight Summit 2016, opening it up to developers to start using in their own projects. This new version brings together natural language processing and its database of over 20 million business listings.

#SFSNYC: How Marketers Are Closing in on the Holy Grail of Mobile Attribution

“What’s super interesting is the fact that we now have a bridge between the digital and physical world,” said Foursquare’s Steven Rosenblatt, talking about how this new rise in data makes it much easier to see what’s going on down to the hyperlocal level.

#SFSNYC: How Local Tech Companies Can Reach Scale in the SMB Ecosystem

Creating new technology for the SMB space is one thing; trying to achieve any sort of scale is something entirely different. Companies either need to bring on a large sales force to go door to door or they need to partner with one of the much larger companies in the space.