Street Fight Daily: Mobile and International Feed Facebook Revenue, Mixed Reviews on AMP

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Mobile, International Dollars Drive Facebook to Projected $33 Billion in Ad Revenue Next Year (eMarketer)
Overall, eMarketer estimates that worldwide ad revenues at Facebook will reach nearly $26 billion this year, up from $17.08 billion in 2015. Further growth to $33.76 billion is expected in 2017. A larger share of that total each year is coming from outside the US—54% in 2016—and mobile is accounting for more of the social network’s ad revenues as well. Recode: Facebook tests new Snapchat clone feature on its flagship app.

Google AMP Gets Mixed Reviews from Publishers (Wall Street Journal)
Google is stepping up its efforts to serve speedy content to mobile internet users with its Accelerated Mobile Pages, but the initiative is getting mixed reviews from publishers as some worry about its impact on their advertising revenue.

How Should SMBs Respond to Complaints on Social Media? (Street Fight)
The way a merchant responds to complaints on social media will influence not only the perception of the offended customer, but also the perception of any potential customers who view the interaction online. Here are eight strategies that business owners can use when deciding how best to respond to customer complaints on social media.

To Aid Attribution, LeadsRx Launches One Tracking Pixel to Rule Them All (VentureBeat)
Today, LeadsRx has launched its 2.0 product that includes, among a raft of significant updates, a universal tracking pixel that promises to solve the attribution problem for marketers.

Brand Web Sites Still Lack Mobile Readiness (Media Post)
Brands are doing a scary job of preparing their Web sites for increased mobile traffic, and according to findings from a recent study, the difficulties seem consistent across most industries from retail to entertainment to financial services, according to a survey from YP Marketing Solutions, along with Thrive Analytics and The Local Search Association.

What Chatbots Are Teaching Us About the Future of Marketing (AdWeek)
Good implementation of a simple chatbot requires a deft understanding of the interplay between man and machine. And as technology slingshots us forward, the comprehension of this “in-between” space will be a prerequisite for any brand or advertiser hoping to make it in a world profuse with new and amazing digital experiences.

Uber’s Surge Pricing for Food Delivery is a Bad Idea (Quartz)
Alison Griswold: This isn’t like surge pricing for rides. Uber argues customers will pay more for the guarantee of food delivered quickly, but that’s only true to a point. Research published over the summer by Morgan Stanley found that the majority of people will spend no more than $5 for “fast” food delivery and that 15% won’t pay anything at all.

Baltimore Sun Journalists Protest After Tronc Denies Them Company-Wide Raise (Poynter)
In a post on Medium Thursday, the Baltimore Sun Guild protested that its newsroom, among the biggest in Tronc’s nationwide chain, was excluded from a 2.5 percent raise because it is unionized.

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