Street Fight Daily: Google’s New Ad Targeting Techniques, Uber Launches UberEVENTS

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Targets Intent with Email, YouTube, and Search Matching and App Campaigns (TechCrunch)
Google has announced moves that will take the company further into Facebook-style ad targeting territory. A new product called Customer Match lets advertisers upload lists of emails and match them to signed-in Google users on Gmail, search, and YouTube. Google is also upping its game in app promotions.

UberEVENTS is Launching in New York (Tech.Co)
UberEVENTS will allow event planners to pre-order rides for their guests, making transportation logistics for large groups as seamless as ordering an individual ride. The service will be available first for select Uber users, but will be opened to all customers in New York City in the coming weeks.

Redpoint Ventures’ Dharmaraj: There Will Be Many Different Craigslists (Street Fight)
“I think there will be many different Craigslists, each for your own local community. That’s where something big can be built in the local space — a Craigslist that’s organized by neighborhoods, rather than by cities,” said Redpoint Ventures partner Satish Dharmaraj about local “unicorns” waiting to emerge.

How Much of Your Audience Is Fake? (Bloomberg)
Increasingly, digital ad viewers aren’t human. A study done last year embedded billions of digital ads with code designed to determine who or what was seeing them. It found that 11 percent of display ads and almost one-quarter of video ads were “viewed” by software, not people. According to the study, fake traffic will cost advertisers $6.3 billion this year.

Street Culture: HR Strategies for Startups (Street Fight)
Hiring isn’t rocket science, but it does takes time and concerted effort. For Cat Hernandez, talent partner at investment firm Primary Venture Partners, it starts with making sure that everyone in the company is closely aligned with whatever the company is trying to achieve.

Pinterest and Retailers Agree: Buyable Pins Are Driving New Customer Acquisition (Marketing Land)
Pinterest has long been seen as the social network with the most potential to cash in on ecommerce. Several small merchants who activated the company’s Buyable Pins corroborated the claim that the feature is driving new customer acquisition.

Retail Email Marketing Is Changing, but Gradually (eMarketer)
Email marketing remains a dependable tactic for retailers. Along with search, it continues to make up a significant portion of digital budgets. Growing mobile usage and the ability to better personalize messaging are creating new possibilities for reaching consumers more effectively, but any improvements are likely to be gradual, not revolutionary.

The Yelpification of Business Software: Why Online Reviews Have Reached a Tipping Point (Venture Beat)
Michael Ortner: It’s time for software industry companies to face the music and invest in actively managing their online reputations or be wiped out by up-and-coming, lower-priced competitors that are already listening and responding to online reviews.

OpenTable Joins Pay-to-Play Reservation Wars (Eater)
OpenTable is testing something it calls Premium Reservations, giving users the option to pay a fee for “last-minute, prime-time reservations at popular restaurants.”

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