Street Fight Daily: Bing’s New Ordering Service, Google Revives Wallet

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

BingBing Now Lets You Order Food And Book Hotels Directly From Search Results (The Next Web)
Microsoft announced that it’s updated Bing to let users order in from restaurants and check out hotel info right from search results pages. The update brings a new “order online” button to restaurant listings, which allows users to place orders through services like Eat24 from their browser.

5 Tools for Publishing Product Inventory on Social Media (Street Fight)
Small business owners are pulling out all the stops to drive traffic to their social media pages, but many aren’t giving enough thought as to what happens once people have agreed to “like” or “follow” their businesses online. Here are five tools that businesses can try to spur further engagement.

Uber Valued At $41 Billion As Revenue Growth Powers Expanded Funding Round (MarketWatch)
The company said Wednesday it has expanded the amount of capital it expects to raise in its current round of funding to a total of $2.8 billion. That’s $1 billion more than Uber said it would raise in December, when it first announced the round.

To Revive Wallet, Google Tries to Wrangle Unruly Partners (Wall Street Journal)
The Internet-search giant is trying to marshal an unruly coalition of device makers, wireless carriers, banks and payment networks to shape a new version of its Google Wallet payment service, in some cases by offering them more revenue. (Subscription required)

How Small Businesses Can Nail Social Marketing (Street Fight)
Jason Richelson: A strong social media presence can be a hugely powerful tool for any small business. With even a limited amount of time and effort you can create new opportunities for customers to engage with or discover your brand and strengthen your relationships with your target audience.

Internet Birthed The Radio Star: Local Newspapers Are Hoping Online Radio Can Be A Growth Area (Nieman Lab)
It’s easy to understand why Internet radio might be appealing to local newspapers. Radio has traditionally been a local business — bound by the strength of a transmitter’s signal the same way a newspaper was defined by how far delivery trucks could drive in the morning.

National Programmatic Advertisers: Don’t Miss The Local Opportunity (AdExchanger)
Frost Prioleau: In many cases, national campaigns use audience segments that are built on a national scale. Advertisers with national audience segments have a big opportunity to improve results and move closer to one-to-one marketing by customizing their campaigns to localized needs and tastes.

Facebook Place Tips: 7 Ways To Optimize For Local Business Organic Reach (Marketing Land)
Marketers loudly complain about Facebook’s drastic reduction in organic reach for content on their Pages, but Facebook may be giving some organic reach back. The new source of organic exposure is only for local businesses with real geographic locations, and it includes user-generated content about those businesses.

Why Reviews Are Hard – A Look At The Numbers (Blumenthals)
Mike Blumenthal: Reviews are hard. Particularly at Yelp. Most Americans have no desire to leave a review. When you combine that fact with fragmented market share and review site policies it becomes even more difficult. Here are some numbers to put the difficulties with Yelp in perspective.

Closing the Loop with Location Data (IAB)
Lauren Moores: Cross-channel location data is essential for enhancing our ability to measure the effectiveness of advertising by actually allowing us to measure the effect of online to offline on a broad scale and not just for those users who we have been able to track through qualitative surveys and diaries.

LBMA Podcast: Geofeedia’s RJ Taylor, Groupon’s Beacons (Street Fight)
On the show: ScreenPop adds messages to your lock screen; Knorr soup beacons to you; ESRI launches ArcGIS Open Data website; Rockbot Anthem; Guidekick; Fans on Foot.

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