Why Local Media Firms Are Banking Big on Marketing Services to Grow Revenue

In an under-the-radar move to grow their revenue substantially, local media companies are putting major resources into developing a broad suite of digital marketing services (DMS). Media companies make this pivot as B2Cs rethink their own marketing goals, aiming not just to reach potential consumers but to convert them into paying customers, closing the path to purchase.

From DNAinfo’s Ashes, Three News Vets Are Launching Their Phoenix in Chicago

The site’s non-billionaire founders aim to succeed with a radically different revenue strategy from their DNAinfo alma mater — their plan for domination does not include advertising. In this Q & A, director of strategy Jen Sabella tells how she and her partners are mapping a new way to make local news work.

With 66 Franchises, TAPinto Is Ready to Expand Up and Down Coast

TAPinto has grown into a network of 71 hyperlocal news sites, 66 of them operated by independent franchisees and five owned by CEO Mike Shapiro. Most of the sites are in North and Central New Jersey and five are in New York City suburbs in the Westchester area north of the city.

Three Candles to Light in Dark Times for Local News and Journalists

The news about local news hasn’t been good lately. But there have been three recent positive signals helping to balance the scales in the form of a digital newsgathering tool, a new survey about trust, and the survival of an important hyperlocal network in Brooklyn.

Nucleus Marketing’s Mission for 2018: Make Media Buyers Believe in News

CEO Seth Rogin spoke with Street Fight about how the company combats fraud in web advertising, brings personalization to marketing and tries to convert young media buyers into buying space on premium news sites.

Facebook Brings Users to Local Sites — But the Rest Is Up to the Sites

The verdict is in: local news publishers do need Facebook, Google and other giant distribution platforms. But only to get the first part of the job done. Whether you’re a self-funded entrepreneurial pure-play publisher or a corporate chain of daily newspapers, you can’t, on your own, generate all the traffic that the platforms deliver to your site.

Why Even Top Local News Sites Can’t Compete With Facebook on Ads

Facebook isn’t going away, and it shouldn’t, for local news providers. But news providers will use their own resources to engage the fraction of traffic that chooses to make its way to the narrow part of the funnel and into the subscription revenue pot.

As the Local News Industry Struggles, Publishers Ask Readers to Pay

The local news industry, fighting for survival, is turning its readers into customers. Sites are either charging readers for premium content — after up to 10 free visits a month — or setting up “membership” programs where readers make voluntary monthly or yearly payments.

Big Political Ad Spend Set for Local in 2018, but Will News Sites Be Ready?

Political ad spending totaling $1.9 billion will pour into the digital space, most of it on the local level, Borrell Associates estimates in its 2018 forecast. But daily newspapers and local news “pure-plays” will have to fight hard for their share against Facebook, Google and the other digital platforms.

Bklyner Announces It Will Shut Down Unless It Hits Subscriber Goal by Dec. 31

The Brooklyn-based hyperlocal network has announced it will close down coverage of its 11 neighborhoods unless it can attain 3,230 digital subscribers by the end of December. In this Q & A Bklyner founder Liena Zagare, presents the stark facts about her publication’s 11-hour predicament.

Smaller Newspapers Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You, New Report Finds

Smaller-market papers, with 50,000 or smaller print circulation, are doing quite well overall compared with their larger counterparts, according to the new report by Damian Radcliffe and Christopher Ali. In this Q & A, Ali explains the contrary success of these numerous smaller papers.

How Facebook Turns ‘Likes’ Into Dollars Right Down to the Local Level

Local news publishers typically know many of their community restaurateurs on a first-name basis, and are regular diners at the establishments. But they can’t offer the precise targeting capability of Facebook, whose services are, in most cases, fully automated — greatly lowering their cost.

DNAinfo and Gothamist Shuttered Suddenly by Ricketts Following Vote to Unionize

The delete button has hit two well-known and established local news sites. The twin closures came a week after the staff at DNAinfo New York voted to be unionized under Writers Guild of America East.

Borrell Sizes Up What’s Behind Local Ad Media Choices

We know from the numbers that local advertisers are increasingly choosing social media to place their messages. But they’re also turning out to be cautious businesspeople who like to maintain a balance in their placements among multiple media, according to a new study from Borrell Associates.

Hyperlocal Pioneer Howard Owens Sees New Mobile App as Key to Scaling Beyond His ‘Batavian’

Eight and a half years after launching his hyperlocal news site The Batavian, in upstate New York, Howard Owens is looking at growing his base company, Album Corp., beyond Batavia to multiple locations. His plan for expansion is driven by a homemade mobile app that he’s experimenting with for the site.

Local Media Consortium Not About to Retreat From Its Google and Facebook Ties

Questions are being raised about whether news publishers should keep expanding their relationships with Google and Facebook, and even whether they should pull out altogether. But you don’t hear that talk from the Local Media Consortium, which represents more than 70 newspaper, broadcasting and other local media companies.

JustPremium CEO Details Industry Campaign Against Ads That Users Hate

Among the most hated by both desktop and mobile users are pop-ups, auto-play videos with sound and large sticky ads. The Coalition for Better Ads, which includes many members of the ad industry, trade associations and a few news publishers, is developing new standards to give users a better experience when they encounter an ad message.

Patch’s Leader Says the Network Today Is Proof That Local Can Scale

Warren St. John, who has led Hale Global’s Patch since its 2015 takeover from Aol., says the network has evolved into a workable model for scaled local news — editorially, financially and as a community asset. In this Q & A, he presents his case.

Time to Take a Deep Breath — Local News Isn’t Becoming ‘Extinct’

The editors in charge of the slimmed-down newsrooms of local pure-plays know how to leverage technology, data and other information to produce coverage that, in some cases, is superior to what was produced in the so-called “golden” age of print.

What Happens If Facebook Gets Serious About Local?

What Google is to search, Facebook is to social. Those same local business owners know that, when it comes to social marketing, a good portion of their success depends on what they and their customers do on Facebook. So if Facebook gets serious about local, could that change the local landscape? What would it look like?