Street Fight Daily: Beacons Retarget Ads, Mobile Wallets Eye Loyalty

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

BeaconsNow Advertisers Can Use Beacons To Make The Shoes You Were Looking At Inside A Physical Store Follow You Around The Internet (Business Insider)
A deal has been struck which is about to make beacons a whole lot more interesting for advertisers. Two companies have launched what they claim is an industry first: The ability for brands to “re-target” online and mobile ads to shoppers based on the actual items they have been looking at in-store.

Zomato Lays Groundwork for a Stateside Push — With Yelp in the Crosshairs (Street Fight)
Last week, Zomato bought UrbanSpoon in a move that thrust the Indian restaurants-only reviews company into the North American spotlight. We caught up with Deepinder Goyal, the company’s chief executive, to talk about why he thinks food search is shifting to discovery.

The Next Step for the Mobile Wallet? Loyalty Programs (Wall Street Journal)
Now that more people are convinced to pay with their phones, the next challenge for mobile wallet providers may be tapping into merchants’ loyalty programs, integrating the two systems so that customers manage their rewards from the payments platform.

As SMB Investment in Digital Increases, So Does the Need for Better Performance Metrics (Street Fight)
Mark Sullivan: How can small business increase the signal-to-noise ratio in their marketing metrics even as they increase their investments in online marketing? A good place to start is by focusing on one metric, above all else: Lead Acquisition Cost.

Let’s Stop Laughing At Groupon (Fortune)
Dan Primack: Groupon not only was an original unicorn, but it remains a successful one. If Groupon is a cautionary tale for other unicorns, perhaps it only is in the context of going public. Groupon’s decision to IPO when it did is arguably the reason it remains in business.

CEO of Yext Talks Location Data, Big Data, & Beacons (Xconomy)
Howard Lerman: We view beacons as extensions of businesses’ geo-local presence. In the same way Yext is managing location data, beacons are something we’re looking at too and see as increasingly playing a role in offline commerce.

Why The Top-rated Restaurants On Yelp Are Places You’ve Never Heard Of (Slate)
What makes a list like Yelp’s worthwhile is that its biases are quite different from the ones we’re used to. And these days Yelp reviews carry more weight than any offline guidebook, except for the tiny fraction of world-class restaurants that receive Michelin stars.

Uber, Lyft, And Sidecar Count Patents, Warning Signs Ahead (Gigaom)
Government regulators and the taxi industry can’t stop Uber — but maybe a patent can. At least that’s the hope of Sidecar, a small rival of Uber whose founder obtained a patent related to mobile ride hailing in 2002, and who claims he thought up today’s version of the industry way back in the 1990s.

Police Want Google To Nix Waze’s Cop-tracking Feature Due To Safety Concerns (Pando)
California sheriffs are protesting a feature which allows Waze users to learn the location of police officers because it might allow potential cop-killers to easily find their targets.

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