Street Fight Daily: Yelp’s New Business App, Foursquare on the iPad

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

yelp-stickerYelp Introduces New App For Business Owners With Push Notifications (Marketing Land)
Until yesterday, local business owners with Yelp profiles had to tolerate a less than optimal experience accessing their account information on a smartphone. The new app changes that and provides a range of useful features that should offer welcome relief from the former “pinch and zoom” experience.

New Report Suggest Brands Remain Ambivalent About Local Search (Street Fight)
A new Forrester report suggests that a large swath of national marketers still struggle to understand the role of local search in a national marketing strategy. The complexity of the local search industry, the report argues, has created unnecessary barriers for large marketers to invest in both paid and organic search initiatives.

Foursquare’s iPad App Is Finally Here (Mashable)
The company launched Foursquare for iPad on Monday, and the tablet version of the app includes some new features, specifically travel planning and local recommendation features. The iPad app is a lot like the newly redesigned Foursquare iPhone app, but also adds features to help users plan trips outside of their city or neighborhood.

Change Lane Offers an Oil Change in an App (Street Fight)
Bringing a car in for a tune-up or oil change is hardly on anyone’s list of favorite things to do. Change Lane, a Minneapolis–based startup, aims to take the pain out of car maintenance by bringing mechanics to car owners.

Uber Responds to Senator Franken’s Privacy Concerns (New York Times)
Facing increased scrutiny from lawmakers and members of the media, Uber on Monday defended its privacy practices on Monday, laying out some of its policies in response to an inquiry from Senator Al Franken. In the letter, Uber challenged what it has said were misconceptions about how Uber treats the private travel data of its users.

Square Competitor ShopKeep Giving Away Free Equipment to Accept Apple Pay (Recode)
ShopKeep, a startup that makes checkout software for brick-and-mortar stores, has a new deal for new customers: Free equipment that allows them to accept mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, in addition to a new, more secure type of credit card.

Apple: Local Search Embedded In Spotlight As A Default – Can It Move The Needle? (Blumenthals)
Apple’s recent move in local search, again in stealth, seems to me more significant long haul and has the potential to significantly impact Google’s monopoly in local search: baking local search into their mobile AND desktop OS Spotlight search function.

Salesforce: What Marketers Talked About Most in 2014 (AdWeek)
Despite the growing interest in mobile marketing, only 51 percent of survey participants said they expect mobile to have a return on investment. Thirty percent of marketers use location-based technology, and 47 percent have an app.

Apple Pay Will Become a Standard Option for Travel Brands (Skift)
When Apple announced several months ago that Apple Pay would soon expedite how consumers made payments online and in stores, travel brands from ride-sharing companies to booking sites began integrating the near field communications technology.

Following Canada, Homejoy Also “Pauses” Operations In France (TechCrunch)
Homejoy, the cleaning startup, is putting another of its international operations on hold. Following news earlier today that its Canada-based business is being “paused,” TechCrunch has learned that Homejoy’s activities in France have been met with the same fate.

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