Street Fight Daily: Yelp Partners With YP, Airbnb’s $10B Valuation

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology

yelp-logoYelp, YP Partner in Local Advertising Deal (SearchEngineLand)
YP and Yelp have announced a strategic partnership that will in the near future provide YP advertisers with an enhanced presence on Yelp and effectively bring Yelp into the YP Local Ad Network. The deal is quite different from existing deals with Yahoo, Bing, Apple and others. which are mainly about the inclusion of Yelp reviews content in local search results.

Probabilistic Device Matching Isn’t Perfect — But It Works (Street Fight)
Brian d’Alessandro: The use of probabilistic matching or statistical IDs to link multiple devices to an individual is often dismissed based on dubious accuracy. The practice will never be 100% accurate, but the technique enables marketers to scale their mobile advertising campaigns with reasonable expectations of performance.

New Capital Could Raise Airbnb Value To $10 Billion (New York Times)
The company is in advanced talks to raise more than $400 million in capital, a round of financing that would value it at more than $10 billion. Such a valuation would surpass that of Hyatt, the 57-year-old hotel stalwart, and make Airbnb the latest technology start-up firm to gain an eye-popping net worth.

Discovering Common Ground Among ‘Indie’ and Corporate Hyperlocal Sites (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: The digital Grand Canyon that has divided independent and corporate hyperlocal news sites is not looking so immense lately. The “indies” and the corporates are still kicking up a lot of dust in their community-by-community competition. But these rivals are changing their operations and strategies in ways that make them look more alike than different.

The Newsonomics of Selling (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Ken Doctor: The sale of raises new questions about local newspaper companies’ abilities to wring future revenues from auto dealers. In fact, one could make the case that the likely sale is both a prudent move and burning down part of the house to get firewood.

How Your Tweets Reveal Your Home Location (MIT Technology Review)
IBM researchers say they’ve developed an algorithm that can analyse anybody’s last 200 tweets and determine their home city location with an accuracy of almost 70 per cent. That could be useful for researchers, journalists, marketers and so on wanting to identify where tweets originate.

More Marketers Go “Moneyball” to Seek a Retail Edge (GigaOm)
All sorts of industries, including clothing retailers like Guess, are using big data techniques to find a competitive advantage. Clothing maker Guess, for instance, has a business intelligence unit that parses data from the company’s online and physical stores in order to share strategies with Guess’s sales force and store managers.

Duda Now Offers “One” Site Builder for All SMB Screens (Screenwerk)
DudaMobile used to be the company that took existing SMB websites and quickly and inexpensively turned them into mobile optimized sites. The company now wants to build and host SMB sites across screens, including the PC.

FireChat For iOS Is A Hyperlocal Anonymous Chat Network That Doesn’t Need An Internet Connection (TechCrunch)
The app allows users developers to discover Multipeer-enabled services on nearby iOS devices using Wi-Fi, peer-to-peer connections and Bluetooth. Because it relies on these techniques, the range is around 100 feet, but because of the mesh architecture behind FireChat, the actual range of the network around could be much larger.

LBMA Podcast: Banjo’s Raise, Wearable Experiments, One Llama (Street Fight)
Top stories of the week include Mahana, Locoslab, Yelp & Yahoo!, Emotient, UTEC, Apple, HP & Aurasma. The Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin recaps some highlights from SXSW and the resource of the week demystifies the second screen in North America.

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