LBMA Podcast: Samsung Buys LoopPay, Skoda Uses AR for Sales


On the show: Beijing Municipal Administration launching wearable transit passes; Smartstones touch; Branch Out launches digital detox movement; Travel by helicopter with Gotham Air; trying to be the Uber for tow trucks; Mattel and Google are bringing back the Viewmaster…

Borrell on Local News: Inform, but Help Businesses Thrive


“We can certainly view people who frequent hyperlocal news sites as ‘readers’ who are there for the content. But once we begin to realize that they are likely to be buy something that day, tomorrow, or next week, then we begin understanding the real value of that audience,” says the CEO of Borrell Associates…

The ‘Five Places’ Method for Manageable Local Marketing


It’s critical for SMBs to focus attention on a few of the most effective marketing activities, and to adopt a strategy that allows them to keep marketing efforts consistent. The “five places” method is a simple way to organize one’s efforts based on an inventory of what matters most…

5 Steps for SMBs Looking to Dominate the Local Competition

Social media city

SMBs’ natural advantages are being eroded by the techniques that social and mobile technologies make available to larger businesses. But they can gain back the advantages they’ve always had by operating differently. Here are five steps that can serve as the starting point for competing more effectively in the new social economy…

LBMA Podcast: Factual Partners With Metadata, Thinknear Discusses Location Score Index


On the show: partners with KLM; Capital Radio + Outdoor Plus bring music to billboards in real time; Alibaba tests drone delivery; Wheely’s Cafe sells modern coffee carts; Sportsman Tracker is funded; Yahoo! + Flickr = Wetter; TripAdvisor buys ZeTrip; and PayPal invests in Pulsate….