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Suburban Nashville ‘Indie’ Thrives Amid Gannett Revamp at Tennessean

No Comments 31 October 2014 by

Five years after she co-founded an independent community news site in metro Nashville's most affluent suburb, Kelly Gilfillan is now running — and growing — her company by herself. Gilfillan tells Street Fight how she competes with a $5.4 billion media corporation as she pursues her "indie" entrepreneurial course...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Interviews With Aisle411, GameStop, and Mapquest

No Comments 31 October 2014 by

On the show: Our wrap from RetailLoco in Chicago, plus top stories of the week — including Vistar Media’s cross-screen ad platform; John Lewis testing the Oculus Rift; The Bluesmart suitcase; AboutPlace going into beta; Whirlpool partnering with Gigwalk; and Prizm’s contextual music device...

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Mobile Payments Still Facing the Same Big Obstacles

2 Comments 28 October 2014 by

This year has been a turning point in mobile payments, as Square, Paypal, along with Apple and others like SoftCard (formerly ISIS) have all made strides in their digital payment offerings. But three years after starting a now-defunct mobile payments company, I've identified three big reasons why we will not be paying with our phone in everyday retail stores for a long time to come...

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Is Apple Pay Set to Power On-Demand Local Services?

1 Comment 27 October 2014 by

Apple Pay's value as a conduit for local on-demand will be determined by how many apps consumers transact with daily or weekly. If the answer is many, its value as a single entry point to all those apps and services will be validated...

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Local Search Listings

The Power of Visual Appeal in Local Search

1 Comment 24 October 2014 by

Images are more compelling to the average user than any other medium of communication. Though users may visit local search sites and apps with the conscious intent of seeking out text-based information such as phone numbers, hours, and addresses, visual content encountered along the way may have a greater influence than textual information on deciding which businesses to visit...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: SideSwipe’s Gestures, TomTom Opens Up

No Comments 24 October 2014 by

On the show: FritoLays hands out samples in bus shelters; Pinpoint offers location-based audio game; Geofeedia and Adnear raise; TomTom opens up; Chico’s embraces RFID; Loopd brings beacons to conferences. Plus, what happened to Hailo and why RFID in a world of beacons...

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Gannett Papers Evolve to Avoid Becoming Publishing’s ‘Buggy Whips’

2 Comments 21 October 2014 by

In the news media's digitally focused 21st century, newspapers are often dismissed as an "industrial-age" product. But it's not clear that they'll become what whale oil was to the 19th century's petroleum . For a macro-look at how this is playing out at Gannett, we caught up with the media giant's SVP for News, Kate Marymont...

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Off the Block


5 Influential Products That Helped Define Local Tech

3 Comments 20 October 2014 by

The local industry has yielded a bevy of popular products. Some have survived while others have faded into the background, but the industry continues to merit the hype. Here we take a look at the five best products in local tech over the past few years...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Apple’s Location Warnings, Facebook’s Local Ads

No Comments 17 October 2014 by

On the show: Places from; Towstop sends a towing lifeline; GPS signal as art; Square’s arrival prediction bet; In-mall WiFi advertising from Steps Away; and special guests are Wibe Wagemans and Roman Kikta of Indoor Atlas...

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The New News

How One Gannett Paper Is Reacting After ‘Slow Slide’ From Cost Cutting

1 Comment 16 October 2014 by

In August of this year, the entire editorial staff at the Asheville Citizen-Times was required to apply for re-employment in a reorganization with new job descriptions. Executive Editor Josh Awtry told readers: "It would have been easier to change nothing in the way we operate ... but we weren’t ready to accept that fate." Here, Awtry details for Street Fight his team's major changes...

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