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Lowe’s Joins Brand Marketers Embracing TikTok’s Influence

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TikTok’s influence has been felt throughout 2022, but it’s about to get even harder to ignore this holiday season. 

Brand Shoppability Comes to YouTube Shorts

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We can add one more channel to the list of shoppable apps: YouTube Shorts. The YouTube feature that’s meant to compete with TikTok for short-form video has announced that it will integrate shoppable content and affiliate revenue. This comes as it tries to attract creators and counteract revenue declines.

Is TikTok Getting into the Fulfillment Business?

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It seems TikTok wants to beef up its e-commerce operations in TikTok Shop. Getting into the fulfillment business could help the company drive commerce.

TikTok Raises its Local Game

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TikTok continues to feel around and test features as it establishes itself as a social media powerhouse. It’s much earlier in that journey than incumbents like Instagram and Twitter, so we continue to see rapid-fire feature launches and trials. And like the above players, some of these are local in nature.

TikTok Jumps into Local Events

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For multi-location marketers, TikTok’s foray into events, and its increasing role as a destination for local discovery, portend that the platform is joining Facebook and other forums as a key place to connect online with local shoppers. TikTok can’t be ignored as an online-to-offline marketing channel.

Camera IQ Helps Brands Leverage AR on TikTok

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Camera IQ, an AR creation tool, launched support this week for brands using AR on TikTok. Camera IQ is already helping brands and publishers such as Cartoon Network and Smashbox creative native AR experiences on TikTok to captivate users and create shareable social experiences.

Shoppability is the New Black

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But like many Covid-driven trends, shoppable content has been accelerated by shifting circumstances. And now it’s on a collision course with the holiday season. This means that the companies that are positioned to capture that spend will reap the rewards this year. We’ve seen much jockeying in the ad tech world for this very reason.

Pay to Get Rid of Ads on Social Media? Consumers Say Maybe, Maybe Not

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Nearly 60% of respondents overall said they’d be at least somewhat willing to pay for social media, and that figure could likely climb if a small monthly subscription fee were added. Twingate contends that Facebook/Instagram would only need to charge users $2.07/month, and Twitter $1.61/month, to earn via subscription fees what they earn via ad revenue. Respondents said they would pay $5.24 and $4.75/month, respectively.

But inertia and apathy are strong, money is even tighter outside the US market, and surveillance advertising, and the size of its audience, are the X-factors that catapulted Facebook to the top of the global corporate order. I’d bet Google, Facebook, and, increasingly, Amazon, will be slow to give up the surveillance revenues and walled-garden ecosystems that have made them this century’s most powerful corporate actors.

Social Distancing and Gen-Z

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Social distancing and self-quarantining have changed the world in a matter of weeks. How is Gen-Z responding? They are flocking to apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat to pass time and interact with family and friends. Facebook and WhatsApp have lost their reign over the competition during lockdown.  

To get a better understanding of Gen-Zers’ habits, routine, and lives during the pandemic, Brainly, the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community, surveyed over 1,700 of them. 

4 Lesser-Known Social Platforms Effective For Marketing

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Ask someone to name a social media platform, and you’ll probably get the same answers: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. But it’s easy to forget that there are other powerful social platforms out there carving out a niche for themselves.

For marketers, these present an untapped opportunity. Read on to discover four lesser-known social platforms that will be great for connecting with prospective customers in 2020.

Which Emerging Social Platforms Will Win Big This Holiday Season?

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Retailers looking for an edge this holiday season are testing the waters with newer, emerging social platforms in a bid to generate awareness and market their products to huge audiences of tech-savvy teens and twenty-somethings.

On TikTok, a mobile app for creating and sharing short videos, retailers are poised to connect with a base of more than 500 million users.

Triller App Sets Its Sights on Taking Over TikTok

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A US-based music video platform and TikTok rival ‘Triller’ got a $28 million investment from Proxima Media and seems to have handed a stake in its business to all three major labels.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Triller is potentially valued at $130 million. Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment each own a minority piece of the platform. In a press release announcing the $28m raise, Triller said that the new funds will fuel growth and product enhancements and that it has its sights set on overtaking competitor TikTok.

6 Ways Brands Can Reach New Audiences with TikTok

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TikTok is currently unavoidable, in particular when it comes to targeting Generation Z. At the moment there seems to be no way for advertisers and marketers to bypass this platform. But what is it exactly, and what advertising opportunities does it offer brands and agencies?

Google Considers Buying TikTok Rival

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TikTok could be seen as a competitor for YouTube, the video platform owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. TikTok is typically seen as a greater threat to Facebook in the social category, and the social giant is testing a copycat app of its own to crush the insurgent. But more time on TikTok could also mean less time on YouTube in a tight attention economy, and TikTok’s fervent teen users apparently have Google concerned enough to spark a potential Firework deal.

LBMA Vidcast: TikTok & GrubHub, Domino’s Builds Loyalty, Uber Takes to the Skys

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On this week’s Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: TikTok + GrubHub, Bluetooth goes 5.1 accurate, NumberAI, Vistar Media + PlaceIQ & Others, Domino’s builds loyalty with Super Bowl, Uber to launch flying taxis.