Prime Day Powers Industry-Wide Boost in Mobile App Downloads for Retailers

Amazon’s mid-July Prime Day powered not only sales at local businesses and direct purchases on Amazon’s rival retailer sites but also spikes in mobile app downloads for those retailers, according to data released today by mobile app marketing company Liftoff.

Womply: Prime Day Coincides with Bump in Small Retailer Revenue

It would make sense to assume that Amazon’s e-commerce extravaganza results in a decline in foot traffic for brick-and-mortar retailers, especially small ones. Womply’s data science team has intel that says otherwise.

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Why Brand Success Is About Unique Experiences and Community (And a Massive Audience)

“Look at Amazon versus Walmart,” says GGV Capital’s Hans Tung.. “Amazon innovated much faster than Walmart. The way they approach things to make things happen fast, iterate, make changes, do a quick test, change again, test again, change again – that kind of speed is what we look for.”

Amazon’s Prime Day Brought Buyers to Other Brand Retailers As Well

In the afterglow of the annual shopping event, Amazon announced that Prime Day “grew by more than 60 percent compared to the same 30 hours last year.” But rival retailers also seized the opportunity to market competing offers and discounts during the event to consumers.

How Amazon Prime Day Can Give Other Retail Brands a Boost

Prime Day brings noticeable increases in shopping, he says, but not at Black Friday levels. There is, however, a spillover effect on Prime Day, Criteo CEO Jaysen Gillespie says, and smaller retailers can benefit from the foot traffic drawn to anchor stores at shopping centers.