Street Fight Daily: How to Engage Online Audiences, How California Court’s Yelp Ruling Affects Businesses

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6 Ways to Engage Your Online Audience and Turn Visitors Into Customers (Street Fight)
Tanya Vasileva: How do you create content that will help you attract new customers, establish long-term relationships with your existing customers, and reach your business goals? Here are six practical recommendations on how to make your content marketing work.

What Does the California Supreme Court’s Yelp Ruling Mean for Your Business? (Entrepreneur)
Dan Goldstein: It is already challenging at best to have a negative review taken down; now the California Supreme Court has made that task virtually impossible—at least in California. But this ruling shouldn’t change how you approach reviews for your business.

Why This Select List of Local News Providers Includes Only One Daily Newspaper (Street Fight)
A year-long study of newsrooms in the U.S. and Europe by two Danish journalists has singled out 16 local providers in the U.S. who are meeting the researchers’ main criterion: structural changes “to forge closer ties and stronger relations to their communities and audiences”—with a special focus on journalism over commerce, technology, and business models.

Street Culture: Three Years Later, What’s Changed and What’s Stayed the Same at MomentFeed (Street Fight)
CEO Robert Blatt says the company culture is changing, focusing more on what it means for MomentFeed to be the best place for employees to work. Anticipating change in culture is essential, he says, because what your company is doing well in one period of evolution can prevent it from doing well in the next.

Navigating Location Data’s Ethical Minefield (AdExchanger)
Thomas Walle: Data is the lifeblood of the internet economy, and that’s unlikely to change. But questions of privacy are more frequent and louder than ever.


Amazon Advertising Is Working Directly with Brands Now, Cutting Out Ad Agencies (Digiday)
Working directly with big brands for bigger media buys, without agencies in the process, is a new phenomenon for Amazon. The company is increasingly sending its burgeoning sales team to directly meet with marketers and chief marketing officers

Prime Day Boosted Other Large Retailers’ Sales by 54%, Report Indicates (TechCrunch)
According to Adobe Analytics data released this morning, larger retailers—meaning those with over a billion in annual revenue—saw a 54% increase in sales on Prime Day, compared with an average Tuesday.


Mark Zuckerberg: The Recode Interview (Recode)
Kara Swisher: In this 90-minute interview we talked about a range of things, from news to data to privacy to China to his political ambitions. As you will hear, Zuckerberg can cling closely to talking points, but he also did reveal more than he has about this annus horribilis for him and, well, the rest of us.

Mobile App Fraud Can Cost Brands Up to $75 Million (MediaPost)
It’s no secret that mobile ad fraud is a massive problem. Less clear are the specific channels and brands being impacted, and to what degree. This past week, the ad fraud specialists at Pixalate helped us see this space with a bit more precision.

Europe Fights the Last Google War (WSJ)
It’s uncanny how the antitrust czars in Brussels never miss an opportunity to fight the last war. So it is with the record-setting €4.34 billion ($5 billion) fine they levied against Google Wednesday in a case that will seem quaint five years from now, if it doesn’t already.

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