What’s Next for Personalization and Digitization in E-Commerce

We’ll see the evolution of two major e-commerce trends in 2022. First, e-commerce retailers will work to make their digital homes less of a copy of every other e-commerce site and more of a destination that users want to spend time at. Second, the line between brick-and-mortar and digital is going to become fuzzier and less defined.

2021 Lessons That Should Inform Your 2022 E-Commerce Marketplace Strategy

This digital-first mindset applies more pressure than ever on brands to create a holistic online experience in 2022, one that combines tried and true business strategies with creative new methods for enhanced visibility and customer experience. Success will come down to three critical elements in the year ahead: brand discoverability, compelling offers, and seamless customer experiences.

6 Fulfillment Services for Personalizing E-Commerce Orders

Packages full of bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts just aren’t cutting it anymore. Instead, more retailers are using e-commerce fulfillment services to create branded experiences, replete with everything from personalized tissue paper to custom selected product samples. Whether the purchase takes place online or in person, industry players are realizing that presentation is a critical component of the complete brand experience.

Is Shopify Plus Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know

So, what version of Shopify do you really need? Shopify Plus is the top-tier option and the priciest, but it offers exclusive features and capabilities designed to skyrocket growth and sales. Learn more about what Shopify Plus has to offer and see if it’s the best choice for your business.

Outsourcing Omnichannel Operations: How to Gear Up for the Next Peak Season

The biggest barrier to outsourcing e-commerce operations is identifying a provider who can be trusted to handle a company’s brand and their customer experience. The chosen provider needs to be able to answer the following questions to a retailer’s satisfaction.

Headless Checkout Tackles Cart Abandonment

Fast is challenging the received wisdom about the e-commerce funnel with an innovation called headless checkout. The term refers to a technology that allows consumers to convert with one click wherever they encounter a product — think social commerce but for any venue on the web.

How E-Commerce Apps Can Win Prime Day

Advice abounds about how to prepare for Prime Day 2021 (June 21 and 22) — from perfecting your social strategy to how to score the best deals. Here are a few tips, backed by data, to help your brand come out of online retail’s biggest day with an even bigger win.

Importance of “Performance Content” Grows alongside E-Commerce

When digital marketers think of content, they may think of Google Posts, basic SEO material, or thought leadership posts. But as e-commerce thrives, the most fundamental content to upgrade may be what digital marketing firm Jellyfish is calling “performance content.”

Delivering an Online Retail Experience with In-Store Shopping’s Perks

As the future of retail customer experience takes shape, it will become more important for brands to re-create the in-store experience online. But how?

2021: All Upside for Digital

As retailers try to determine how to welcome customers back in person while expanding digital efforts that accelerated last year, NetElixir CEO and founder Udayan Bose weighed in on what to expect from commerce and why retailers should invest aggressively in online channels.

Fanplayr Allows Advertisers to Do More with First-Party Data

With 88% of marketers citing the collection and storage of first-party data as a “high priority,” a startup called Fanplayr is stepping in with a solution.

Should You Change E-commerce Platforms? Pros & Cons

If you’re running a long-standing e-commerce store, you may be wondering how you can do more to take advantage of these favorable circumstances. One option is migrating your store to a new e-commerce platform. Could a new foundation be the key to reaching the next level of online retail success? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Setting Up A Post-Pandemic E-Commerce Boom Strategy

The previous year shattered expectations based on forecasts going into 2020. For e-commerce brands, it brought both challenges and opportunities with more shoppers than ever adopting new online buying habits. Still, it would be wise for businesses to think about what happens once consumers feel more comfortable venturing back into brick-and-mortar businesses. By having a strong D2C strategy that is agile and customer-centric and with the right infrastructure to grow globally, businesses can feel more confident for whatever the future holds.

Amazon Advertising Juices Earnings, Fueled by Growth in PPC

A whopping 75% of third-party Amazon sellers are now using Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to promote their products on the site, according to a survey by the all-in-one selling platform Jungle Scout. Those sellers are achieving some enviable results.

Street Fight’s January Theme: Turning the Page

During the past few years of that stretch, we’ve segmented our monthly coverage into themes, as you may have noticed. Flowing from last month’s theme of “Leaving 2020” — a retrospective analysis — what better way to ring in a new year than to focus on what’s to come in the next year?

Voice Growth Will Further Amazon and Google’s E-Commerce Dominance

For most people, e-commerce starts with a Google or Amazon search on our computer or phone. We read reviews, compare prices, and analyze how something will look or fit in our lives. We don’t know where we will end up, but we browse options from our favorite retailers until we find exactly what we are looking for. 

What happens when we stop using visual cues and start searching with our voice? And what happens when the results that our voice triggers are controlled by the device interpreting those questions or commands? 

How to Start an Online Store From Scratch

Encouraged by the pandemic, consumers have also openly embraced online shopping. In fact, more of them plan to continue shopping online even after the pandemic is over.

Therefore, it’s an ideal time to start an online store, and this detailed guide can help you get started.

Mattress in Bedroom

How DTC Brands Are Adapting to Covid-19

When Covid shut down the world, it wasn’t just traditional retailers that were hit. DTC brands were, too. Shifts in consumer shopping habits during the pandemic forced DTC brands to alter the ways they think and they still came up on top. As the world continues to navigate our new normal, we hope that others can learn from the strategies DTCs are implementing. 

Street Fight’s December Theme: Leaving 2020

What will the “next normal” look like in the post-Covid era of local commerce? Will things go back to the old normal or be a hybrid reality that cherry-picks components and new perspectives from the past nine months? Will e-commerce dip back down to pre-Covid levels or keep surging?

We’ll be answering these questions and others throughout the month, along with 2021 predictions (’tis the season) for our theme, Leaving 2020.

Locating Holiday Success for Small Businesses

Because of the enormous spike in online transactions, there are more ways for customers to shop than ever before, creating new opportunities for small businesses to connect with core segments and personalize messaging with data-based insights grounded in historical trends and real-time behaviors. The ability to target individuals based on where they have previously been is tremendously valuable as consumer behavior has been required to adjust to ever-changing guidelines at the state/city and local level.