How E-Commerce Apps Can Win Prime Day

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Advice abounds about how to prepare for Prime Day 2021 (June 21 and 22) — from perfecting your social strategy to how to score the best deals. Here are a few tips, backed by data, to help your brand come out of online retail’s biggest day with an even bigger win.

What Marketers Can Learn from the Mobile-First Shopping Season

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Mobile commerce gained in popularity throughout the year as Covid-19 confined consumers to their homes. Marketers need actionable tips to keep up with mobile shopping trends in the year ahead. 

Mobile Commerce Bounces Back

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Companies investing in existing user engagement are smart to do so. According to mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource, the average global cost to acquire a single paid install from an individual user in 2020 is $2.24 — which adds up quickly when you start to scale into thousands or hundreds of thousands of users.

So, while it’s important to keep spending on acquisition, retention and retargeting, informed by smart audience segmentation, are perhaps even more essential to ensuring app marketers are monetizing all of their users.