Search Marketers Cater to New Customer Needs for Holidays

Grocery stores are doing more business than pre-pandemic, with average weekly household grocery bills surging from $120 to $161 at the height of statewide lockdowns this spring. Many restaurants are pivoting right now to promote their takeout and delivery options. Health and wellness websites are fielding questions about coronavirus, as are many news publishers.

Leaning into the changes means understanding and responding to the challenges consumers are facing right now and setting up a search strategy that focuses on providing the best experiences possible.

At CallRail, Community Forums Prove Valuable for Product Development

Community forums—online spaces where consumers and developers can interact and collaborate— are increasingly popular tools for companies hoping to improve their product development and ideation. The strategy is working effectively for marketing tech vendor CallRail.

Why Google Decided Phone Calls Are the Key to Google Assistant’s Future Success

Among all the new AI-driven capabilities Google could’ve bestowed on its powerful Assistant, the company decided to focus on one capability in particular: a phone call.

Street Fight Daily: Foursquare’s Machine Learning-Based Attribution, Duopoly’s Damage Control

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Spotify, TGI Friday’s Enlist Foursquare for Machine Learning-Backed Measurement… Facebook Demands Advertisers Have Consent for Email/Phone Targeting… Google Reboots Advertising Tools to Give Users More Control Over Their Data…

Infographic: The Fight for Leads

In the battle to find and convert customers, a range of tools are at the disposal of marketers. This infographic highlights eight winning tactics being used by marketers in health care, automotive, marketing agencies and law firms. It is the final post in the “Fight for Leads” series sponsored by CallRail.

Openings and New Hires at CallRail, GateHouse Media, Guarantee Digital

Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. This week’s edition includes moves and new openings at the IAB, Signpost, Boostability and Factual.

Street Fight Daily: Apple to Report Revenue Drop, Reviews Increasingly Impact Search

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Apple Expected to Report First Drop in Annual Revenue Since 2001… From East Coast to West Coast: The Company Behind Miami’s The New Tropic Expands to Seattle… To Dunkin’ Donuts, Media is More Than Just New User Acquisition…

The Fight for Leads: How Marketing Agencies Help SMBs

This post is the third in the “Fight for Leads,” a series focused on lead-generation tactics in four key industry verticals: healthcare, automotive, legal and marketing agencies. Sponsored by CallRail. Rarely do local merchants have the time available, let alone sufficient knowledge and expertise, to manage every aspect of their businesses. With so many new digital marketing […]

How Car Marketers Get Customers

Consumers are becoming savvier in the ways they research and purchase new cars, favoring online research over conversations with real world salespeople. So car marketer are using SEO, pay-per-click, third-party directories, and call tracking software to bring in leads. (Sponsored by CallRail)

The Fight For Leads: Healthcare Marketing

Sponsored by CallRail: Healthcare marketers are relying more heavily on a combination of established platforms for call tracking, paid search, and content marketing via social media to educate potential patients.

What the Rise of Slack and HipChat Mean for Small Business

On the surface these messaging app seem to offer businesses better internal communication. In reality their value is rooted in real-time, contextual streams of business data within an environment that invites collaboration. That’s a fancy way of saying these are chat apps with loads of integrations…

As SMB Investment in Digital Increases, So Does the Need for Better Performance Metrics

With all the noise in local marketing, how can SMBs reliably answer the ROI question? How can they increase the signal-to-noise ratio in their marketing metrics even as they increase their investments in online marketing? A good place to start is by focusing on one metric, above all else: Lead Acquisition Cost…

A ‘Radical Transformation’ Is Brewing in SMB Phones

For local businesses that rely on the phone for inbound leads (which is nearly all of them), the functionality of copper lines pales in comparison to what call-tracking-enabled lines have done for years. Unfortunately for business owners, the VoIP packages being sold to them also fall far short of the level of functionality that call tracking provides…