Why Google Decided Phone Calls Are the Key to Google Assistant’s Future Success

Among all the new AI-driven capabilities Google could’ve bestowed on its powerful Assistant, the company decided to focus on one capability in particular: a phone call.

Where Home Phones Meet Voice-Assisted Search

Similar to the shift from desktop to mobile, local marketers need to consider how the shift to voice-activated devices will impact their strategy. The smart home hub offers a new device on which consumers will interact with local businesses.

Lesson From Yodle’s Acquisition: Scaling SMB Performance Marketing Isn’t So Easy

While the acquisition is likely welcome news for Yodle’s backers and Web.com’s shareholders, the resounding message for SMB performance marketing vendors is one of caution. The real problem facing large performance marketing vendors like Yodle is that of customer retention.

Is the Humble Phone Call Actually the Killer App for Local Businesses?

It turns out reports of voice calling’s death are greatly exaggerated. Despite an explosion in data usage and mobile messaging, voice calling — facilitated by search and virtual assistants — remains a popular activity among mobile users. A lot of those calls are going to local businesses, where they are more likely to convert to revenue than web forms or emails.

With iOS 9 Release, Local Businesses Should Care ‘Deeply’ About Apple Maps

Most local businesses and search marketers have focused primarily on their visibility within Google Maps. With Apple’s iOS 9 now available, it’s time they focused their attention on Apple Maps as well. Businesses that don’t may soon fall behind competitors.

What the Rise of Slack and HipChat Mean for Small Business

On the surface these messaging app seem to offer businesses better internal communication. In reality their value is rooted in real-time, contextual streams of business data within an environment that invites collaboration. That’s a fancy way of saying these are chat apps with loads of integrations…

How to Make Connections With Increasingly Mobile Consumers

How does a small business owner communicate with a smartphone-obsessed population? Here are a few proven tactics that can help take advantage of the direct link smartphones provide to the consumer…

As SMB Investment in Digital Increases, So Does the Need for Better Performance Metrics

With all the noise in local marketing, how can SMBs reliably answer the ROI question? How can they increase the signal-to-noise ratio in their marketing metrics even as they increase their investments in online marketing? A good place to start is by focusing on one metric, above all else: Lead Acquisition Cost…

A ‘Radical Transformation’ Is Brewing in SMB Phones

For local businesses that rely on the phone for inbound leads (which is nearly all of them), the functionality of copper lines pales in comparison to what call-tracking-enabled lines have done for years. Unfortunately for business owners, the VoIP packages being sold to them also fall far short of the level of functionality that call tracking provides…