Street Fight Daily: Foursquare’s Machine Learning-Based Attribution, Duopoly’s Damage Control

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Spotify, TGI Friday’s Enlist Foursquare for Machine Learning-Backed Measurement (AdExchanger)
The partnership with Foursquare, announced Thursday, is part of Spotify’s effort to help advertisers understand how their ad spend is driving results by making a “connection between our streaming intelligence and offline behavior,” Berner said.

Parking Startup’s Solution Keeps Shoppers In-Store Longer (Street Fight)
Retailers have spent millions strategizing about which location-based marketing and cross-channel personalization tactics are most successful in increasing dwell times, but a startup based out of Miami thinks the answer retailers are looking for is actually right outside their front doors.

Facebook Demands Advertisers Have Consent for Email/Phone Targeting (TechCrunch)
Facebook is hoping to avoid another privacy scandal by adding new accountability and transparency requirements for businesses that use its Custom Audiences tool to target users with ads based on email address or phone number.

Google Reboots Advertising Tools to Give Users More Control Over Their Data (VentureBeat)
Facing growing questions about how personal data is used to target advertising, Google today announced a series of updates to its advertising tools designed to help users better understand why they see certain ads and help them control the experience.

Why Google Decided Phone Calls Are the Key to Google Assistant’s Future Success (Street Fight)
Mark Sullivan: Among all the new AI-driven capabilities Google could’ve bestowed on its powerful Assistant, the company decided to focus on one capability in particular: a phone call.

Move Over, Millennials (MediaPost)
“Move over, Millennials, there’s a new generation of shoppers in stores,” reports Criteo, offering John Roswech, EVP of Brand Solutions, to break down the data in relation to how brands and retailers need to improve certain experiences in order to capture Gen Z shoppers as they begin to build lifelong brand loyalties. 

Snapchat Is Finally Opening Its App to Developers (Recode)
Snap announced today that it is launching four new APIs, including a Snap login API that will let people use their Snapchat username to create accounts on other apps, and what amounts to a Snap camera API. Puts Brands First in Hopes That Customers Will Follow (Digiday)
There was a time when brands lived in fear of Walmart. But now, Walmart-owned is using unease with Amazon to position itself as a friend.

LBMA Podcast: Walmart, Target, LinkedIN (Street Fight)
Featured on this week’s edition of the Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: LEGO + Grand Visual, LinkedIN, Vyking shoes, Walmart, Target, HERE + Decawave, LBMA D/A/CH.

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