#SFSNYC: May AI Help You? The Marketing Opportunities in Intelligent Search

Artificial intelligence is the future of search engines. Increasingly conversational, intelligent, and visual, search engines are adapting to become the centerpiece of consumer engagement, as well as a virtually new tool for marketers. Purna Virji, senior manager for global engagement at Microsoft/Bing, broke down the AI revolution in search at Street Fight Summit Wednesday.

Sprinklr Launches AI Solution to Help Brands Manage Customer Experiences at Scale

Dubbed Sprinklr Intuition, Sprinklr’s AI tool can process an average of 700 million messages per day across social channels, and it becomes smarter with each customer interaction.

Street Fight Daily: Scandal Fails to Dent Facebook’s Growth, AI Biz Expected to Boom

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Increased Facebook Ad Prices Drive Revenue Growth… Gartner Expects the AI Business Market to Grow 70% This Year… Advertisers, Agencies Agree Transparency in Ad Buying Is A Problem, But Disagree on the Blame…

6 Guidelines for the Path to Voice Everywhere

I want voice (control of everything), everywhere, but I have strict requirements for how it should be designed, engineered, and implemented. Here are six requirements for a reasonable deployment of voice everywhere.

6 Vendors Using AI to Facilitate Live Events

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, vendors are finding ways to streamline some of the most complex operations—such as estimating the number of attendees and anticipating how many products each attendee will need—in live event organizing.

Toward a Better Definition of AI in Internet Communications

Under broad scrutiny, AI stands for “that thing we do with computer data manipulation that is somehow more complicated than layering algorithms on to data structures. But neither do we agree that the current state of AI represents actual computer or machine learning.

Adxcel Rebrands as Artsai, Using AI to Consolidate the Marketing Stack

“We optimize the entire customer lifecycle journey,” says Artsai’s CRO Erik Lundberg. ” We may help someone acquire a new customer on Facebook, then reengage user on programmatic or RTB [real-time bidding], and then help drive the user to make a purchase inside the marketer’s mobile app or landing page.”

Voice Assistants Could Transform Local — But Not Necessarily How You Might Think

Voice search and AI are widely misunderstood. Generalist tech coverage has painted the picture of an opportunity that resides mostly with stationary devices like Amazon Echo. But the real scale will happen elsewhere.

How AI Bots, Voice Assistants Are Changing Shopper Behaviors

Rapid changes in the way people communicate aren’t just impacting personal relationships, they’re also hitting the retail market as consumer preferences evolve. In a new report released just this morning, the post-purchase solutions provider Narvar uncovers generational differences in how consumers prefer interacting with retailers.

Street Culture: How Signpost’s Start Was Inspired By Family and Succeeded with Persistence

CEO Stuart Wall says that many tech startups struggle with finding a perfect-fit co-founding developer, as Signpost did, but that finding the right people to hire is one of the most important things a leader can do. “I think it’s two things: skill and will,” Wall says.

#SFSNYC: How Bots and AI Are Transforming Local

The march of artificial intelligence and bots continues across the digital marketing landscape, creating new ways to reach customers at local — however, these are still the early days. That was some of the sentiment shared at this morning’s panel on bots and AI at the Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn.

Why TGI Fridays Is Thinking About Marketing Like a Startup

While marketers always try to understand trending topics among customers, for a national restaurant chain it also means finding ways to listen and react quickly at the local level. Sherif Mityas, who will speak at Street Fight Summit, says his company is working to connect more personally with the chain’s customers.

The Coming DIY Cataclysm

“It seems like the agency business of the future — both large and boutique — will largely add value around integration of best-of-breed point solutions, which I don’t see many large entities like YP attempting to tackle yet,” David Mihm tells Mike Blumenthal.

Blis Forecasts Where Consumers Will Be — Then Targets Ads Based on That Prediction

The company is unveiling a new service that it claims can figure out where consumers will likely go — and target mobile ads based on those expectations. Blis Futures uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns about where consumers are likely to spend time, and then focuses brands’ marketing to reach them at optimal moments.

Voice Bots Have One Big Problem: Human Behavior

We’re surely moving in the direction of voice input to bots, but unless microphones advance — allowing you to request things with a near-silent whisper (or perhaps with thoughts) — people will continue to let their fingers do the talking.

What Does the Bot Bubble Mean for Facebook’s Long Game?

“Facebook has long been a force in post-sale retention and Messenger can really play a huge part as a CRM tool,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm. “I see it as the “real” social network… the one where folks communicate with those closest to them.”

Where Home Phones Meet Voice-Assisted Search

Similar to the shift from desktop to mobile, local marketers need to consider how the shift to voice-activated devices will impact their strategy. The smart home hub offers a new device on which consumers will interact with local businesses.

The AI Wars in Local Have Already Begun

This AI-centric battle is being waged by heavier contenders than any before it, including Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), and Google (Assistant). They’re each basing battle plans on their current positioning and biggest assets, and the winner will sway the next era of local commerce.

5 Quick-Serve Restaurant Brands Using Artificial Intelligence to Change the Way We Eat

The type of ultra-personal service that was once offered by waiters at mom-and-pop diners is now being duplicated by highly-sophisticated computer algorithms, as many of the country’s largest restaurant chains start investing more in artificial intelligence technology.

Apple Gets Into Position for the Voice Search Revolution

As voice search becomes more prevalent, Apple will “retain an advantage over Amazon in ‘on-the-go’ searches, since our phones are always with us,” David Mihm tells Mike Blumenthal. “Unfortunately for Apple, people overwhelmingly conduct voice searches at home. “