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This episode is brought to you by Gimbal.

What do you think of when you hear the name Gimbal? For some, it’s the heyday of retail beacons. The company is still going strong on beacons but has also broadened its value proposition far beyond its roots. Today, Gimbal works with brands to develop meaningful and location-data driven customer experiences.

According to Gimbal’s SVP of location platforms Adrian Tompsett, the key to the location business is having a long-term and holistic view of customer value. That means using location intelligence to go beyond just triggering promotions to increase the customers’ basket size, instead using the technology in ways that will provide additional value in the long term.

That means providing better customer experiences that engender brand loyalty and lifetime value. Having better data about ongoing location-oriented behavior can empower brands to do just that by sending consumers valuable information when they are at a store, hotel, or restaurant.

“It’s not about just sending a push notification or interrupting somebody,” said Tompsett on the latest episode of Street Fight’s Heard on the Street Podcast. “It’s about just making their shopping experience, their hotel experience that much better. Bringing in other buzzwords… [it’s] leveraging location technology, plus AI, plus personalization to deliver a better omnichannel consumer journey.”

In a survey by RIS News and global research and advisory firm IHL Group, 58% of retailers in North America said that they planned to invest in proximity or location-based marketing this year. It’s clear that there is a huge opportunity for brands to leverage location technology, like Gimbal, to build engaging customer experiences that will bring brand loyalty to new heights.

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