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6 Omnichannel Loyalty Platforms for Multi-Location Retailers

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In 2022, shoppers want more. The most effective loyalty platforms are going beyond transactional rewards to create unique cross-channel experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Omnichannel loyalty programs focus on creating better shopping experiences across every touchpoint, while still keeping the brand at the core. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, which offer benefits like free drinks or coupons for returning visits, the omnichannel programs being implemented today give retailers the ability to reward loyal customers when they complete one-off actions, like taking product quizzes or writing service reviews on social media. 

At North Face, shoppers who join the XPLR Pass Program earn points not just by shopping in-store and online, but also by completing actions like exploring national parks and referring friends to join the program. Another national retail chain, Ulta, has added tiers to its loyalty program, so shoppers are rewarded with free gifts and personalized content that they can manage through a branded mobile app. Even Walmart, which has not historically had a loyalty program, is inching closer with the recent launch of Walmart Rewards, an omnichannel program that gives customers cash back via supplier-funded deals.

While the benefits of omnichannel loyalty programs are clear, the steps to build one are not. Rather than attempting to develop these types of sophisticated programs in-house, most retail brands and agencies today are turning to outside technology partners. Vendors with specialty platforms built exclusively for omnichannel loyalty are seeing an uptick in interest among multi-location retailers as the approach takes off.

Here are six omnichannel loyalty solutions that multi-location retailers can check out.

1. Oracle CrowdTwist

Oracle CrowdTwist is a cloud-based omnichannel loyalty and analytics platform for brands. The solution, which is part of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud organization, comes with more than 100 out-of-the-box engagement paths. Multi-location retailers can use those engagement paths as a jumping off point to design fully-customized omnichannel loyalty programs that fit directly into existing digital properties. Retailers can set up program tier levels, add strategic partners to their programs, offer digital downloads as rewards, and even power downstream marketing initiatives by pushing loyalty program data into other systems. All program and member insights can be accessed through a self-service business intelligence and reporting tool.

2. Punchh

Punchh is a loyalty and engagement platform designed for multi-location retail brands, restaurants, and convenience stores. Global giants like Pizza Hut and Hooters use Punchh’s cloud-based platform to power omnichannel loyalty programs, writing their own unique rules to design custom redemption levels and value propositions. The Punchh solution comes with more than 200 native integrations. The company will also work with clients to create white-label mobile apps that offer the same loyalty program experience in-app, in-store, and online.

3. Fabric

Fabric’s loyalty program is all about turning buyers into members. A modular and headless platform for modern e-commerce experiences, Fabric has come up with a solution that allows retailers to incentivize first-time shoppers with free membership programs and additional incentives. Fabric’s omnichannel program also promises to turn repeat buyers into brand advocates by giving them referral codes, access to exclusive products, and invitations to VIP events in exchange for posting on social media. Fabric clients include Restoration Hardware and Crate & Barrel.

4. Lightspeed Loyalty

Lightspeed Loyalty is an in-store customer loyalty platform launched by the cloud-based POS system Lightspeed in December 2018. The platform was updated in 2020 to become a complete omnichannel solution, allowing retailers to engage customers through their online stores in the same way they do in-person. Lightspeed Loyalty now connects online and in-store experiences, so retailers can send customers tailored offers online based on their offline purchases, and customers earn and redeem points regardless of which channel they are using to shop.

5. XStak Omniretain

XStak is an all-in-one, self-service retail operating system designed for next-generation retailers. The company’s loyalty module is called Omniretain. It enables brands to retain and acquire customers through highly-personalized offers based on dynamic customer segmentation and AI technology. XStak says its program has unlimited offer types across various dimensions, and it includes capabilities for rewarding brand advocates for referrals and actions on social media. The program can be customized for use in a variety of industries outside of retail, as well, including travel, hospitality, banking, pharmacy, grocery, and technology.

6. Antavo

Antavo’s pure-play loyalty program was developed for enterprise clients. The no-code platform can be integrated into a retailer’s existing POS system to identify top customers and track purchases. Retailers can create hyper-personalized incentives that are unique to each customer through the Antavo management module, and an API makes offer management scalable and interconnected across all channels for brands and retailers. Antavo is used by KFC, Anine Bing, and Jimmy Jazz.

Stephanie Miles is a journalist who covers personal finance, technology, and real estate. As Street Fight’s senior editor, she is particularly interested in how local merchants and national brands are utilizing hyperlocal technology to reach consumers. She has written for FHM, the Daily News, Working World, Gawker, Cityfile, and Recessionwire.