Street Fight Daily: Facebook Bolsters Brand Safety, Instacart Partners With Legacy Grocer

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

xAd Rebrands as GroundTruth in Push to Expand Beyond AdTech (Street Fight)
In a signal of where the location technology space is heading, the location-based mobile advertising technology firm xAd announced this morning that it is expanding its scope and rebranding with a new name that better reflects the emerging landscape.

Facebook is Giving Advertisers More Control Over Where Their Ads Appear (AdWeek)
Brands advertising on Facebook will soon have more control over where their ads appear. The social network is rolling out several tools aimed at providing more transparency before campaigns go live.

Legacy Grocer Partners with Instacart to Offer Delivery (Recode)
Instacart, the grocery delivery startup that works with grocers like Whole Foods and Publix, has years of experience trying to prove out its model in dense, urban areas. Its latest partnership will be another litmus test on whether it can make it work long-term in the suburbs, too.

#SFSNYC: Foursquare ‘Trying to Build a Gold Standard of Truth’ for the Industry (Street Fight)
At Street Fight Summit Wednesday in Brooklyn, Street Fight’s Laura Rich sat down with Foursquare’s Jeff Glueck to discuss how the company  has leveraged its location data to catapult growth and become one of the world’s premiere location intelligence companies. 

50% of 2016 Video Plays Were Mobile; Number Will Rise to 60% in 2017 (MediaPost)
According to The Ooyala Global Video Indexreport, more than 50% of all video plays were on mobile in 2016 for the first time; that number is expected to rise to 60% in 2017. In 2017, video has become the most critical content for any media organization.

#SFSNYC: Inside Amazon’s Voice-Search Strategy (Street Fight)
Dave Isbitski, chief evangelist for Echo and Alexa at Amazon, sat down with Street Fight on Wednesday to discuss Amazon’s voice strategy and the implications of voice-search technology for local businesses. AdExchanger: What Amazon’s Audience Match Tool Means for Advertisers

How USA Today is Using Custom Display Ads Driven by Local Data (Digiday)
USA Today Network built new ad formats, called Paramount, that are informed by data on the thousands of ads that run across its 109 local newspaper sites plus USA Today.

#SFSNYC:  SMB DIY — Is Local Getting Closer to Solving the Self-Serve Conundrum? (Street Fight)
At Street Fight Summit on Wednesday, Street Fight columnist Damian Rollison sat down with three digital marketing insiders to discuss how their companies provide value to small and medium-sized businesses — and how to strike the right balance between automation and customer engagement.

#SFSNYC: Taking Location ‘Beyond Pins on a Map’ (Street Fight)
As more ideas and information are loaded into maps, the context of the data used in the creation needs to be clear, said Mapbox SVP Marc Prioleau. “Location is data,”  Prioleau said. “Don’t just put your data on the map. Your data is the map.”

#SFSNYC: The Restaurants of Tomorrow (Street Fight)
Everyone has at least heard of apps for booking reservations or ordering food from restaurants, but there is a deeper transformation underway within the industry. At Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn this week, the NRA’s Perry Quinn moderated a panel about how the restaurants of tomorrow are taking shape.

Instagram Is Testing a New Way for Celebrities and Influencers to Identify Sponsored Posts (TechCrunch)
Instagram is creating a standardized format that should make it clearer to everyone when a post has been paid for by an advertiser.

#SFSNYC: How Brands Without Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Market Locally (Street Fight)
Brick-and-mortar stores are not the only companies that stand to gain from local strategies: brands without their own physical stores and business-facing enterprises, too, must go local to reach their market potential.

What’s Behind the Recent Media Bloodbath? Facebook and Google (Poynter)
“There is a clear correlation between layoffs and buyouts with the growth in market share for the duopoly — Google and Facebook,” said Jason Kint, CEO of the trade organization Digital Content Next, in an email to Poynter.

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