LBMA Podcast: CES Beacons, GM and Lyft, Reveal Mobile CEO

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: CES beacon scavenger hunt (again); EyeLock & Diebold rename the ATM “Irving”; Screen commerce by Think&Go; Billy Bishop Airport DOOH’s the tunnel; Faking human stench to fight Dengue Fever; GM takes a Lyft for half a billion; Car commerce thanks to OnStar and Synchross; Emirates + Millennial Media; AT&T, Cisco, IBM, Intel and the city of IoT; Garmin & Accuweather team up around MinuteCast. Special guest is Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile.

Top stories of the week

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1. Beacon Scavenger Hunt at CES 10:00
2. Eyelock & Diebold team-up for “Irving” ATM of the future 16:00
3. Think&Go to turn digital screens in “Pay At Screen” terminals 18:21
4. Billy Bishop launches new DOOH system in airport tunnel 20:31
5. Street Lamps Tackle Disease By Luring Mosquitoes with Fake Human Scent 23:50

Guest: Brian Handly CEO – Reveal Mobile 29:00

Member News

1. GM invests $500M in Lyft 40:27
2. OnStar & Synchross team up for car commerce 42:00
3. Emirates Airlines + Millennial Media 43:00
4. AT&T allies with Cisco, IBM, Intel for city of IoT 44:44
5. Garmin and Accuweather team-up around MinuteCast 46:14