LBMA Podcast: CES Beacons, GM and Lyft, Reveal Mobile CEO

On the show: EyeLock & Diebold rename the ATM “Irving”; Screen commerce by Think&Go; Billy Bishop Airport DOOH’s the tunnel; Faking human stench to fight Dengue Fever; Emirates + Millennial Media; AT&T, Cisco, IBM, Intel and the city of IoT.

Top 5 Exits in Local Tech of 2015

The local technology space saw plenty of M&A activity in 2015 and remains poised for another busy year in 2016. Rampant expansion of certain areas such as on-demand services and delivery apps makes further consolidation likely. The startup scene saw its share of healthy — if not billion-dollar — exits as well. Here’s a recap of the five of the biggest exits in the local tech industry in 2015.

PlaceIQ Teams Up with IRI to Tackle Online-to-Offline Attribution

Marketers face a number of big challenges today. One is pinpointing their audiences as they move from device to device — and then from platform to platform on those different devices. Another is making sense all of the data consumers generate in the scores of micro-interactions they have every day across the devices and platforms they use. A third is online-to-offline attribution. The partnership with IRI that PlaceIQ announced today is a step toward tackling these hurdles.

Europe’s adsquare Unlocks More Data in New ‘Marketplace’ for Hyper-Contextual Advertising

For brands and retailers, it’s evident that the battle to win customers will be fought with data — lots of it. But more data could also be too much of a good thing. A new self-service offering from Berlin-based adsquare aims to help advertisers “navigate the data deluge.”

LBMA Podcast: Ikea’s Twitter Vending Machines, Nomadic Uno’s CEO

On the show: SmarTone Telecom complicates the KISS principle; SeeLight helps the blind cross the street; Area360 raises $3.5M; Yogrt rakes in $3M. Plus news from Mondelez Shopper Futures, Unacast and Coke, Walgreens, InMarket, Millennial Media, and AOL.

Street Fight Daily: Google Will Test Grocery Delivery, How Facebook’s Pages Update Affects SMBs

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Google Becomes a Rival to Amazon to Deliver Your Fresh Fruits and Veggies (Mashable)… Facebook Update Means More Shopping Pages Are on the Way (Recode)… Amazon Launches a Food Delivery Service Via Prime Now, Starting in Seattle (TechCrunch)…

Street Fight Daily: AOL Buys Millennial Media, Facebook Serves As Forum to Buy and Sell Goods

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… AOL Buys Mobile Marketer Millennial Media for Roughly $240 Million (Marketing Land)… Facebook Advances Bazaar Ambitions (Wall Street Journal)… A New App With 2 Million Users Just Raised $100 Million to Take On eBay (Fortune)…

6 Strategies for Growing a Business Using App Analytics

Advertisers are spending $20.7 billion to reach consumers through mobile apps, and they’re looking for ways to measure ROI. We connected with a few industry insiders to ask how marketers should use app analytics to measure the value of their mobile properties.

LBMA Podcast: Gimbal’s New Beacon, Tinder for Apple Watch

On the show: AOL/Verizon may be Millenial Media; Shape-changing interfaces; Big Gay Ice Cream uses beacons; Rubicon Global’s quest to be UBER for your trash; Waze’s RideWith ride sharing.

7 M-Commerce Strategies for SMBs

SMBs that don’t have mobile commerce enabled are practically inviting shoppers who can’t wait until they get home to make purchases to switch their business over to larger retail outlets. Here are seven m-commerce strategies from experts in the field…

5 Strategies for Leveraging Digital Circulars

Making the migration from print to digital circulars is easier said than done, and many retailers are still left with questions over how best to take advantage of hyperlocal technology in this arena. Here are five strategies for how retailers can leverage digital circulars to their full advantage, during the upcoming holiday season and beyond…

Millennial SVP: A ‘Broad Evolution’ Beyond Geo-Fencing Coming in Mobile

Street Fight recently caught up with Matt Tengler, SVP of product at Millennial Media, to talk about the way in which location figured into the company’s strategy, the impact location data could have on the broader digital advertising marketplace, and whether small business matters (yet) in mobile advertising.

Street Fight Daily: SK Telecom Buys Shopkick, Facebook Launches Atlas

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologySK Telecom Agrees to Acquire Shopkick (Wall Street Journal)… With New Ad Platform, Facebook Opens Gates to Its Vault of User Data (New York Times)… OpenTable CEO on How Its Game Changes Within Priceline (Skift)…

6 Ad Networks With Targeting Capabilities

Ad networks with advanced targeting capabilities are giving national brands and smaller advertisers a way to drive conversion rates and boost sales. By narrowing their focus and targeting specific audiences based on location, demographics, or interests, advertisers can increase the relevancy of their ads and improve click-through rates (CTRs) by a factor of 2x. Here are six ad networks that offer these targeting capabilities…

Street Fight Daily: Waze’s Advantage, Location Data Drives Mobile Ads

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.As Mapping Costs Rise, Waze’s Volunteer Army Will Give It an Edge  (AllThingsD)… Location Information to Make Mobile Ads More Valuable (CNET)… Foursquare Needs Check-ins to Build Strong Local Search Engine (Mobile Marketer)…

National Advertisers: Time to Get Local

“Local” is often thought to be synonymous with SMBs. In many media like television, however, huge portions of the local ad spend is from national brands buying up geographically specific advertising inventory. The same thing is happening in mobile. The projected growth in local mobile ad spending will mostly come from national advertisers that localize campaigns…