#LDS15: Taking Programmatic Advertising Into the Real World

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Programmatic marketing is projected to nearly double in the next year to a $20 billion market by 2016, according to BIA/Kelsey‘s Mike Boland, who led a panel on leveraging data and profiles for next generation ad targeting at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver. The panel featured YP‘s CTO Darren Clark, Location3 Media‘s CEO Andrew Beckman, and Simpli.fi‘s CEO Frost Prioleau.

That opportunity is to help marketing companies deliver the right message to consumers at the right time. Audience profiling is one area that is growing and enabling these companies to build programmatic strategies.

“It really comes down to that consumer, where they’re located, and just being able to cover all the aspects of paid, earned, organic, and your own assets,” Beckman said. “When you’re able to have the right messaging across all channels, and [the consumer] is moving around with their phone or searching from their desktop, I believe you’ll be able to attract that consumer into your store or purchase something within a specific local area.””