Street Fight Daily: Apple Pay’s Slow Growth, Postmates Delivers Starbucks

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

85% Of iPhone 6 Owners In The U.S. Haven’t Bothered Trying Apple Pay, Study Claims (VentureBeat)
Apple Pay adoption is moving very slowly, according to a new report. Six months since the launch of Apple Pay, only 6 percent of iPhone 6 owners have used Apple Pay and 85 percent of people with access to Apple Pay have never used it. About 9 percent of iPhone 6 owners have played around with Apple Pay, but haven’t actually used it.

Nextdoor Sports a Valuation Over $1B — But How Will It Make Money? (Street Fight)
Todd Wasserman: After announcing a $110 million round of funding, the locally focused social network zoomed to a $1.1 billion valuation, even though it has yet to announce a monetization strategy. But a transactional model might explain some of the investors’ faith, and may provide a clear path to revenue growth.

Starbucks Delivery Is Real and It’s Coming to Seattle and the Empire State Building (Recode)
Starbucks addicts, rejoice. Soon, you may be able to get your iced skinny mocha delivered to your front door or office desk. Starbucks is announcing today that it is introducing two pilot tests in the second half of this year to deliver its food, coffee and other beverages.

Small Businesses and the Impact of Mobile Optimization (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: Rather than competing with the big directories for search ranking, small businesses need to fit themselves within the dominant mobile search paradigm and ensure their profiles on third party sites are optimized for the needs of mobile consumers.

GoDaddy’s IPO to Value Web Hosting Company at $2.87 Billion (Reuters)
Web hosting company GoDaddy’s initial public offering is expected to be priced between $17 and $19 per share, valuing the company at $2.87 billion at the top end of the range. GoDaddy had filed to go public in 2006, but withdrew citing unfavorable market conditions.

#LDS15: Taking Programmatic Advertising Into the Real World (Street Fight)
“When you’re able to have the right messaging across all channels, and [the consumer] is moving around with their phone or searching from their desktop, I believe you’ll be able to attract that consumer into your store or purchase something within a specific local area,” Location3 Media‘s CEO Andrew Beckman told an audience earlier this month.

What Foursquare ‘DeathWatch?’ CRO Cites Triple-Digit Revenue Growth (Geomarketing)
Despite the shifts, Foursquare does continue to be the subject of “death watch” think pieces. But Foursquare CRO Steven Rosenblatt insists that the company’s current growth numbers indicate that it’s in better shape than ever. “Revenue is in triple-digit growth,” he said. “Business since the split is going great.”

How Much Longer Until Small Businesses Join the Mobile World? (eMarketer)
Small businesses acknowledge the business effect mobile can have, but so far, they haven’t done much about it. In March 2015, 78% of US small-business respondents said their businesses did not have a mobile solution or app, despite the fact that 71% felt that having one would have a positive impact on business.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Sues RetailMeNot for Fraud, Trademark Infringement (MarketingLand)
Mary Kay Cosmetics is suing affiliate site Google Ventures-backed RetailMeNot in federal court for precisely for this reason. The company doesn’t sell directly to the public — though its corporate site makes it appear otherwise — and says it doesn’t offer deals or coupons.

Why the CEO of a $400 Million E-commerce Company Wants UPS and FedEx ‘Out of Business’ (Business Insider)
Jennifer Hyman, the CEO of ecommerce company Rent the Runway, thinks that FedEx and UPS need to be completely disrupted. “The delivery network needs to be completely ripped up and re-created in order for any ecommerce business to have sustainable profit margins over time,” she said.

Cross-Device Tracking? The FTC Wants to Know More (AdAge)
Marketers have become obsessed with connecting consumer profiles from the web to their phones to their TVs and beyond, and data services and tech firms are scrambling to make that a reality. Cross-device tracking is big and the Federal Trade Commission is watching.

Sosh Brings Concierge, the Uber of Restaurant Dining, to New York (TechCrunch)
Concierge essentially reserves tasting menu inventory for the Sosh community, allowing users to reserve a table at a hot restaurant and pay for their prix fixe meal all through the app. This means the user simply arrives at the restaurant, eats, and bounces out of there, Uber-style.

Google Maps for Ios Gets Full-screen Maps, Zagat Review Filters and Quicker Voice Search (TheNextWeb)
If you’re picky about your food options, you can also now filter your searches to only include restaurants with Zagat ratings. And if you want to be quicker about looking up directions for them, the update lets you access voice commands by tapping on the mic or starting to type and then asking for “directions to.”

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