Street Fight Daily: Oracle Buys Datalogix, Secret Adds Location-based Sharing

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

datalogixOracle Buys Datalogix, Beefs Up Digital Marketing Cloud (ZDNet)
Oracle on Monday said it acquired Datalogix, which provides digital marketing data as a service. The deal complements Oracle’s acquisition of BlueKai and rounds out its digital marketing suite. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but for Oracle Datalogix is a stocking stuffer that gives it yet another pillar to offer data as a service and another cloud product to sell.

10 Top Location-Based Mobile Campaigns of 2014 (Street Fight)
In 2014, the use of geo-data, geo-fences, beacons, ultrasound, even LED lighting and magnetic positioning systems, have coalesced around geo-targeting consumers both outside and inside store locations. We asked the folks at GeoMarketing to look back at 10 campaigns that pioneered in the space in the past year.

Secret’s Relaunch Adds Location-based Sharing (VentureBeat)
The broadcasting of public posts is now split between those from friends and those that are location-based, similarly to Yik Yak, another anonymous mobile app focused on college campuses and local communities.

Thinknear Chief: ‘No Doubt’ That Consolidation Coming in Mobile Ads (Street Fight)
Loren Hillberg recently took over as General Manager of Thinknear at Telenav, replacing the company’s founder Eli Portnoy. We caught up with him recently to talk about the transition from the entrepreneurial stage of a business to the scaling stage, the future of mobile-local advertising, and the coming wave of consolidation.

In China, a Rapid Jump to Mobile Advertising (New York Times)
Next year companies are expected to spend more money on digital advertising than on television campaigns in China. It is a stark shift from three years ago when nearly half of the advertising dollars went to television and just 14 percent went to digital. China is also diverging from the United States, where television continues to dominate.

In War With Publishers, Tech Companies Take Wrong Approach (TechCrunch)
Danny Crichton: As the world wide web heads into its third decade, it is time to take stock of what has happened to the publishing industry. It has been gruesome for the bottom line, but it has been a godsend when it comes to audience development. It’s time for the leading tech companies to seek out better models that will protect great content.

Uber launches UberLUX Service in LA (Pando)
The company emailed its most “valued riders” yesterday with an “exclusive invitation” offering early access to the service which will see riders picked up in luxury vehicles like the Tesla Model S, Mercedes Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series, and ferried around the city by Uber’s “highest driver-partners.”

Mobile Advertising Is Exploding And Will Grow Much Faster Than All Other Digital Ad Categories (Business Insider)
Mobile is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats in the US, as advertisers begin allocating dollars to catch the eyes of a growing class of “mobile-first” users. New data indicate that U.S. mobile ad spend will top nearly $42 billion in 2018, rising by a five-year compound annual growth rate of 43% from 2013.

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