LBMA Podcast: Mobile News at Apple’s WWDC, Thinknear’s Location Score

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. Top stories of the week include a number of WWDC iOS announcements that impact mobile, MasporMas dispensing news in the bathroom, Brian Eno’s new acid trip, Hoxton Analytics profiles based on the shoes you wear, Prexter’s location-based app marketplace, AT&T tracks overseas customers, Floow2 Uber-fies farm equipment, Coca-Cola brings college students together, Yext raises $50M, Uber raises $1.2B and Verizon’s Run. Our resource of the week is Thinknear’s Location Score.

Episode 185

Recorded: June 6, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Top stories of the week

(starts at 5:20)

1. iOS8 and location
2. MasporMas – Paper Towel Dispenser News
3. Someday World – augmented reality city on vinyl record
4. Hoxton Analytics – customer profiling through their shoes
5. Prexter launches location-based app marketplace
6. AT&T launches services to track customers abroad
7. Floow2 – marketplace for monetizing idle farm equipment
8. Coca-Cola’s “The Friendly Twist”
9. Yext raises $50M + Uber raises $1.2B
10. Run – mobile tracking and data on top of Verizon’s Precision Market

1. iOS, location and the implication on local search (when local is part of the OS) (29:25)
2. Unique ways to leverage technology based on location (40:00)

Resource of the week: Thinknear’s Location Score Index (47:00)