Openings & New Hires at Patch, Groupon, Flickr, Search Influence and More

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Every two weeks, Search Influence’s Kelly Benish — who knows practically everyone in hyperlocal — covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. (Plus, scroll down for jobs on offer now.)

Bud Rosenthal – Patch
AOL’s hyperlocal news service (and content vehicle) Patch is on high alert this month with news dropping last week that hundreds would be receiving pink slips as the company contracts, losing over 400 of its 900 sites. The punchline of CEO Tim Armstrong’s announcement was that “AOL is going to be running the show” along with the newly appointed CEO Bud Rosenthal. Rosenthal replaces outgoing CEO Steve Kalin, who was promoted to the position just a few months before.  Rosenthal has a history in leadership for various VC firms, Yahoo!, TurnHere and others.

Eric Lefkofsky – Groupon
Just last week Groupon made mention that their longstanding executive chairman Eric Lefkofsky intends to make his interim CEO role permanent. The freshly promoted CEO voiced a reinvigorated initiative around the company’s vision local e-commerce. He intends to focus more on local events, local hotels, and moving closer to a model that promotes their goods platform by allowing merchants to upload inventory to target national audiences and allow local businesses to have their customers participate in in-store pick ups. Fun fact about Lefkofsky: he’s also co-founder of Lightbank and founder of MediaBank & InnerWorkings.

Bernardo Hernández – Flickr
Marissa Mayer has recruited another staffer from her Google alma mater, announcing last week that Bernardo Hernández would be joining Yahoo! as the new head of Flickr. Hernández formerly worked at Google with Mayer, where he was the managing director of Zagat, and oversaw the implementation of Zagat into other Google products.

Rong Yan – Square
With a history of four years as the Facebook engineering manager, Rong Yan has recently joined disruptive commerce company Square to become the startup’s data science lead. In his new role, Yan will be responsible for handling large-scale data research at Square, understanding and capturing insights from the information the company takes in.

Jeremy Brown – Search Influence
With over eight years of operations management experience, Jeremy Brown recently joined white label digital solutions platform Search Influence as operations manager. Jeremy received his MBA from Duke University, and has worked in a variety of industries, including insurance, marketing research and casino entertainment.  In his new role, he will oversee the production and development teams at SI. Welcome to the team Jeremy!  (Disclaimer: I am employed by Search Influence)

Plus where to look for jobs now…
Street Fight is looking for a full-time marketing manager. Apply here with a resume and cover letter.

Hyperlocal marketing platform BuzzTown wants to find a business development executives in the southwest. Apply here

AOL is looking for a product manager. Apply here

Yahoo! is looking for a senior business development manager.. Apply here

Yext is on the prowl for an enterprise sales professional. Apply here.

The Weather Channel is looking for a local platform manager.  Apply here

Can you do product development work? Contact Oracle about their senior QA analyst role. Apply here

WorldNow is hiring a front end developer. Apply here

Yelp is looking for a business development manager. Apply here

Linkedin is looking to hire an international business operations manager. Apply here

Google seeks a channel partner manager – media partnerships. Apply here

Apple wants to find an operations manager (in Shanghai). Apply here

Twitter is on the prowl for a marketing operations manager. Apply here.

Plus new talent looking now….
Current VP with 29 years experience in sales management, corporate actions, HR and business development. Located in the Charlotte metro area & ready to move now.

Current PHP developer with 15 years experience, located in the southeast, ready to move now.

Ex-Googler, focus on product and sales. Sharp young chap with the know-how to help your business become even more successful.

Current  president of online consulting firm, he’s been online since 1999 working with IYP’s & newspapers and eventually moving over to loyalty-based and digital solutions. Willing to relocate from New England.

Past experiences in directing SEO, account management and marketing for agencies and marketing companies since 1996. He is an OG in the industry and I personally vouch for his successes.

Current VP of business development with over 12 years of digital marketing strategy, management, and business development experience in the hospitality and retail verticals. Ready to move in one month, located in the metro DC area.

Current director of development in the Boston metro area, with 6 years of business development, customer acquisition,  partnership building & product development. Available now.

If you are interested in any of these candidates e-mail me at [email protected] for more information.

Kelly Benish is VP of sales and marketing at Search Influence, a national online marketing firm focused on SMBs and white label online marketing for publishers and media partners who serve them. You can follow her on Twitter @Lokellsearch.

Kelly is Global VP of Strategic Partnerships at Uberall