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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. In this week’s episode, hosts Rob Woodbridge and Asif Khantalk about the RAMP conference in Chicago; Square goes live with their client list; Oracle takes direction from Nokia; Bob Dylan’s ‘Tempest’ goes geo; plus acquisitions by TripAdvisor and Square; and special guest BJ Emerson, co-author of The Tasti D-Lite way (who is appearing at the Street Fight Summit on October 30th).

Episode 98

Recorded: October 7, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:
1. Asif’s take on the RAMP conference in Chicago (2:58)
2. Square (finally) launches their partner directory (10:10)
3. SoundGraffiti adds a location layer to Bob Dylan’s latest release, Tempest (14:05)
4. Xtify announces Xtify Retail Services (20:00)
5. Nokia flexes their map muscle and lands Oracle (24:15)
6. Macy’s working with Clip’d for malls (30:25)

Featured Guest
BJ Emerson of Tasti D-Lite (34:25)

Funding / M&A News
1. Tripadvisor acquires Wanderfly (43:45)
2. Square adds The 80/20 Agency and officially opens their New York Offices (47:05)
3. Gravity closes $10.6M (50:25)

Resource of the Week
Local Response – Retailer Check-ins (54:50)

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