Street Fight Daily: AmEx CFO to Groupon Board, DNA Info Expands

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Starbucks CEO Leaves Groupon Board to Make Room for AmEx CFO (PaidContent)
It was a vote of confidence when Howard Schultz joined the Groupon board of directors — and it’s a sign of the start-up’s significant financial challenges that the Starbucks CEO is leaving before his term is up to make way for American Express CFO Daniel Henry. But Groupon’s lightning-rod-in-chief –CEO Andrew Mason — isn’t going anywhere.

NYC Hyperlocal News Startup DNA Info Hires Staff, Expands to Outer Boroughs (Washington Post)
Erik Wemple: Fifteen new journalists are coming on board to accomplish its quadri-borough build-out, which is platformed on a redesigned site that just debuted. The growth is good for the people at, good for the communities it covers and good for media critics. Whether it’s good for all of journalism is something we cannot know.

Yelp Gives $1.2M to Settle Unpaid Overtime Suit (GigaOm)
Yelp has reached a settlement with employees who accuse the review site of breaking state and federal wage laws. In documents filed Friday in San Francisco, the company says it will put aside $1,250,000 to resolve claims from California and national sales staff.

Study: Local TV Online Rev Rose 19% in 2011 (NetNewsCheck)
Though local television’s over-the-air revenue was dropped 7.8% to $17.9 billion in 2011, online continued to be a growing part of TV’s revenue picture, growing nearly 19% last year, according to BIA/Kelsey’s new “Investing in Television Market Report” released today. In 2011, local television stations earned $535 million from online sources, an 18.7% increase compared with $450 million in 2010.

Highlight Hits The Hype Hump: Here’s What The Buzzy App’s Traffic Looks Like Now (Business Insider)
Highlight definitely looks like a victim of a hype cycle. Daily active users have taken a serious hit, with the exception of one day in mid-April, right after the app and its founder appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show. Monthly active users have declined since the SXSW conference too.

GrubHub Debuts OrderHub; A Food Delivery And Order Management App (TechCrunch)
Chicago-based startup GrubHub, a service that lets you order food for delivery or take out from local restaurants online or by mobile phone, is debuting a new tablet technology for restaurants called OrderHub. OrderHub is an Android tablet app that allows restaurants to manage online orders they get through GrubHub.

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