How to Improve the Value and Effectiveness of Online Offers

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The recession has given birth to the acceptance of couponing, and with growing online and mobile access, it won’t be going away any time soon. 78% of all consumers in the U.S. redeemed coupons in 2010, and the average American household now participates in 18 consumer reward programs—all great news for merchants and offer publishers.

Until now, most online coupons, loyalty rewards and deals still had to be printed out—and they were frequently lost, expired or simply left at home before they ever got to the POS. On the other hand, when coupons did make it to the POS, they complicated checkout and left consumers feeling “cheap.” Merchants had to manually track redemptions and were never able to retrieve the who, what, when and where of coupon use.

Know more to do more.

Poor trackability hurts everyone. The solution is an easy way to determine a new or returning user’s life cycle profitability and their average transaction volume, helping merchants make much smarter decisions about adjusting and targeting offers—and tracking ROI.

This new direction in online offers doesn’t involve any paper, training, or new hardware. When an interested consumer connects an offer to their credit card or mobile wallet, the offer is electronically attached to their registered card and automatically redeemed at the POS terminal in real time, generating actionable information that gives merchants the ability to analyze redemptions and adapt future offers for best results.

This is important news for anyone involved in the online offer space. Our whitepaper outlines the growing significance of offer effectiveness by detailing how to accomplish it and why it works. Offer publishers and marketers need to be aware of this trend to ensure their sales and marketing efforts pay top dollar in tracked and analyzed results.

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