6 Market Research Strategies for Hyperlocal Startups

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Hyperlocals shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to market research. A strategy that worked great for one startup may be a total failure for another. While many successful hyperlocals have been systematic in their qualitative and quantitative market research measurements, others have taken a more relaxed approach by cold-calling potential clients…

5 Analytics Platforms That Can Help Brands Understand Mobile Advertising

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Mobile advertising analytics platforms are helping brands and agencies make better sense of the streams of data flowing in from their hyperlocal campaigns. More than half of marketing executives surveyed by Forbes Insights said they’re already using analytics to measure marketing campaign returns, and more than seven-in-10 expect to increase their reliance on data analytics […]

5 Predictive Analytics Tools for SMBs

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The idea of using predictive analytics for small business marketing is still in its infancy. But the market is growing as small business owners become more comfortable integrating these technologies into their business practices. Here are five vendors with predictive analytics tools that SMBs can use…

How Vendors Can Persuade SMBs to Adopt Mobile Payments

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If hyperlocal vendors are going to continue growing their networks of merchants willing to accept mobile payments, they’re going to have to find ways to get small business owners excited about the concept. Here are nine strategies for doing just that…