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6 Innovative Ways to Implement Beacons for Marketing

No Comments 16 June 2014 by

Brick-and-mortar merchants know they need to step it up to compete against e-commerce retailers, and they know that proximity marketing with indoor positioning technology can be an effective mechanism for driving customer acquisition and retention. Here are six examples of innovative ways that businesses are implementing beacon technology right now...

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Case Study: Mountain Shop Finds Balance Between Paid and Unpaid Promotions

No Comments 12 June 2014 by

Soon after taking over control of the 34-year-old mountain shop Alpenglow Sports, in Tahoe City, California, Brendan Madigan got to work crafting a strategic marketing plan that included both online and offline initiatives and relied heavily on social media for generating awareness among customers in his target demographics...

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7 Analytics Tools to Track Local Campaigns

2 Comments 09 June 2014 by

Gut feelings and instinct can only take business owners so far. To determine the actual value of local campaigns, marketers need access to raw data. Unfortunately, obtaining this information — and then using it to compare two or more hyperlocal platforms in a head-to-head setting — isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Here are seven platforms that businesses can use to measure the effectiveness of their local campaigns...

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3 Models That VCs Are Buying in Local Tech

4 Comments 05 June 2014 by

Venture investment continues to pour into local tech, but tastes are changing. During a panel at Street Fight Summit West on Tuesday, Jared Fliesler (General Partner, Matrix Partners), Jim Scheinman (Founder, Maven Ventures) and Raj Kapoor (CEO, Fitmob) spoke about where the hyperlocal industry is heading and where they expect the next billion-dollar local startup idea to come from...

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Tinder and Grindr Share Their Secret (Local) Sauce

No Comments 05 June 2014 by

During a panel at Street Fight Summit West on Tuesday, Local SEO Guide proprietor Andrew Shotland spoke with Tinder co-founder Jonathan Badeen and Grindr's global head of sales, Steve Levin, about what's working for the mobile personals industry and what other hyperlocal vendors can learn from their successes...

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How Brands Like Taco Bell Are Buying Into Local

No Comments 03 June 2014 by

As director of media at Digitas, the digital agency of record for Taco Bell, Eric Perko was the mind behind the fast food restaurant's massive breakfast menu launch earlier this year. Perko spoke with's Alex Salkver at Street Fight Summit West on Tuesday about his agency's role in developing Taco Bell's breakfast campaign and where he think digital marketing is headed.

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Facebook’s Ted Zagat: ‘Clicks Don’t Matter’

8 Comments 03 June 2014 by

During a keynote at Street Fight Summit West on Tuesday, Facebook's Ted Zagat said that there was "zero correlations" between online clicks and offline spending. The long-time president of the reviews company admitted that the social networking giant could do a better job of emphasizing the relationship between digital engagement and reach to its local merchant advertisers...

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PayPal’s Gauthier: Retailers Needs to Bring Together Products, Places and People

1 Comment 03 June 2014 by

For PayPal's Patrick Gauthier, the future of commerce isn't online — it lays at the intersection of places, product, and people. During a morning keynote at Street Fight Summit West Tuesday, Gauthier, the GM of emerging retail services at PayPal, said that the challenge for retailers today is to reach consumers across mediums as much as dominating online or brick-and-mortar...

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5 Tools for Creating SMB Video Promotions

2 Comments 03 June 2014 by

As small business marketers search for new ways to capture the attention of potential customers, they’re beginning to take a closer look at online video promotions, which are cheaper than TV advertising and more eye-catching than static banner ads. Here are five tools that SMBs can use to create localized video promotions...

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Young green plant

6 Strategies for Onboarding Merchants to a New Marketplace

No Comments 29 May 2014 by

Being unable to attract qualified sellers is one of the biggest obstacles a local marketplace will face. And, as Harvard Business School associate professor Andrei Hagiu described to Street Fight in an interview last summer, it’s an obstacle that many marketplace founders are unprepared to overcome. “If you don’t have buyers, then you’re not going to have sellers, and visa versa. That prevents a lot of marketplaces from getting off the ground,” Hagiu said...

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