Captify, Adform Partnership Creates First End-to-End Contextual Activation

Captify, Adform Partnership Creates First End-to-End Contextual Activation

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A new partnership between the search intelligence firm Captify and Adform, a programmatic platform, is creating an industry-first end-to-end contextual activation that bypasses the need for cookie identifiers. 

The collaboration between the Captify and Adform enables privacy-first, audience-based programmatic buying for marketers, opening the door to greater scale across inventory pathways, which are often deprioritized by demand-side platforms because of their lack of cookies.

The timing of the deal couldn’t be better. Google is just months away from rolling out its plan to migrate Chrome users to Privacy Sandbox and disable third-party cookies. The company has said it plans to completely deprecate third-party cookies in the second half of 2024. With this partnership in place, buyers using Adform’s DSP will be at a clear advantage. 

“As we approach closing the final chapter of third-party cookies, the ecosystem has a tangible need for privacy-first, audience-based programmatic buying capabilities,” explained Matthew Papa, senior vice president of business and corporate development at Captify. “This partnership with Adform addresses that need by enabling us to scale our contextual offering, which combines consumer intent from search data — a scarcity in a cookieless world — with contextual signals.” 

Buyers will be able to use Adform’s identity-free DSP to activate Captify’s contextual audiences through curated deals across leading SSPs. 

Captify plans to support Adform’s clients in the U.S., U,K., European, and Australian markets with custom deal ID libraries.

“Advertisers globally can confidently activate our audiences across more inventory without worrying about privacy,” Papa said.

For Adform, a firm best known for providing businesses with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data from their campaigns, the collaboration with Captify is the latest in a string of high-profile launches, partnerships, and awards. In 2022, Adform was named Best DSP at the Adweek Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Awards. The company was also selected as the exclusive buy-side partner for the new European privacy-led digital authentic consent service Utiq earlier this year.

“In a fragmented media landscape focused on personalization and performance, the ability to reach and engage consumers while prioritizing privacy has become a consistent challenge for marketers, said Vicky Foster, vice president of global commercial partnerships at Adform. “As the eventual sunset of third-party cookies looms, our partnership with Captify makes it easier for marketers across the globe to drive revenue with personalized and engaging programmatic campaigns with privacy top of mind.”

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