With Help of Magisto, Small Businesses Reach Customers with Video

AI technology is finding its footing in the small business market, years after it reached critical mass among big brands. A new app from Magisto is using AI to streamline video creation and help small businesses more effectively engage audiences on social media.

Publishers, Advertisers Turn Focus to In-App Mobile Video

Mobile video ad spend may capture more than half of all digital video dollars in 2018 and is projected to grow 54% year over year, according to PubMatic’s Quarter Three Quarterly Mobile Index. The popularity of mobile video ads is in large part driven by consumer behavior, said Osbaldo Franco, PubMatic’s director of marketing research.

GroupM Details the State of Digital Marketing’s Hottest Medium: Video

For marketers looking to capitalize on the video boom, Street Fight has the latest from GroupM’s second annual State of Video report. The highlights include continued difficulties with measurement, emerging options to target effectively across channels, a look at Amazon and Facebook’s quest for domination, and social video’s fallibility and how brands can overcome it.

Street Fight Daily: Facebook May Have Knowingly Inflated Video Metrics, Programmatic Prices Rise

TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING AND MEDIA… Facebook May Have Knowingly Inflated Its Video Metrics for Over a Year… No Wallet, No Problem. Yombu Scans Your Fingerprint for Payments, Loyalty Rewards… First-Price Auctions Are Driving Up Ad Prices…

Street Fight Daily: A Test for Voice Search Readiness, Putting the Video Ad Boom into Numbers

TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING AND MEDIA… Synup Test Measures Voice Search Readiness for Brands… Video Swells to 25% of Digital US Ad Spend… TripAdvisor Debuts API with MomentFeed Partnership, Helping Brands Reach Hungry Travelers…

PubMatic Report on Mobile Advertising Demonstrates Strength of Video

As the mobile ad market continues to grow, advertisers should look to leverage in-app private marketplaces and video advertising, according to a report on mobile advertising trends by publisher-focused sell-side platform PubMatic.

Street Fight Daily: Foursquare Teams with AccuWeather; Civil Builds Community-, Blockchain-Based Media Ecosystem

TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING AND MEDIA… Foursquare Will Fuel AccuWeather’s New Location-Based Recommendations… Civil’s Bold Plan for the News Crisis: ‘Flip the Business Model on Its Head’… The IoT Market Gap: Consumer Knowledge Low, Smart Device Ownership High…

How Brand Marketers Can Capture Consumer Attention on Mobile

With mobile ad spend set to surpass television for the first time this year, brand marketers are in a frenzy looking for smarter ways to generate the highest possible ROI from their investments. The problem, it seems, is that many brand marketers aren’t fully comfortable with mobile strategy.

ZypMedia Opens Up Programmatic Video for Local Advertisers, Focusing on OTT

For local advertisers looking to access cutting-edge marketing technology, programmatic advertising company ZypMedia promises the full package. Over the last year, the company has set its sights on OTT, which has garnered strong interest from both local advertisers and publishers hoping to capture the attention of streamers.

Indi Tackles Inauthenticity in Influencer Marketing Space

Consumers have grown weary of synchronized sponsored content flooding their Instagram feeds, and brands are being inundated by requests for freebies from self-proclaimed social media stars. That evolution in the influencer marketing space has created an opening that Indi CEO and founder Neel Grover believes his new platform can fill.

After Downgrading Publishers, Facebook Explores New Ways to Boost Them

We all remember the seemingly apocalyptic early 2018 announcement that Facebook would downgrade publishers in favor of foregrounding posts from users’ family and friends. Less discussed are the various changes Facebook has made since that announcement to give publishers on its platform a fighting chance.

Street Fight Daily: Facebook Updates Ad Measurement Practices, Mobile Audiences Skyrocket

TODAY IN LOCAL & DIGITAL MARKETING… Facebook Updates Its Ad Measurement Arsenal With New and Revised Video Metrics… Mobile Audiences Soar as Advertisers Struggle to Keep Up… With SimpleOrder Acquisition, Upserve Digs Into Back-House Operations…

Cedato Releases Contextual Programmatic Video Targeting Tool For the GDPR Era

The machine learning-based tool, branded as Contextual Lookalike Targeting technology, relies on successful patterns of past video marketing campaigns (hence: contextual lookalike) to deliver future campaigns at ideal times and places based on an advertiser’s preferred KPIs.

B2B Marketers Turn to Shorter Videos Across Many Channels to Engage Millennial Buyers

Video marketing platform Vidyard analyzed more than 250,000 videos published by business-to-business marketing teams and found that smaller businesses are publishing just as much video content as larger firms, while the average length of videos is getting shorter.

6 DIY Tools Merchants Can Use to Make Video Ads

The opportunities for businesses that take advantage of video advertising are immense. Pre-roll video ads can familiarize audiences with lesser-known brands, and spots that coincide with PPC campaigns have been shown to increase ad recall and lift brand awareness.

Will Newspaper Companies Find Revival in Local Video?

Ten years from now newspapers will be delivering more local video programming than TV stations. Inconceivable? Sub out the word newspapers for “a local media company formerly known as a newspaper,” and consider the assets, cash-flow and aggressiveness of these big print companies, and you might warm up to my theory.

Street Fight Daily: Foursquare’s New App, Facebook Ads Costlier for SMBs

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyCan Foursquare Crack Local Search? (New York Times)… Facebook Ads Become ‘Costlier’ Choice for Small Businesses (Wall Street Journal)… Yelp Lied About Review Policies to Inflate Stock Price, Lawsuit Claims (GigaOm)…

How to Use Video Content to Boost Local Search Rankings

Over the past year, online video has become a powerful tool for boosting organic SEO rankings. Search engines still value video because it’s harder to make and is typically much more engaging. Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the most value out of your branded content to compete online…

5 Tools for Creating SMB Video Promotions

As small business marketers search for new ways to capture the attention of potential customers, they’re beginning to take a closer look at online video promotions, which are cheaper than TV advertising and more eye-catching than static banner ads. Here are five tools that SMBs can use to create localized video promotions…

5 Platforms That Gather In-Store Analytics from Surveillance Footage

Nearly 64% of retailers have installed some form of IP-connected video surveillance system to protect against theft. Now, a relatively new category of hyperlocal vendors are providing businesses with new ways to capitalize on the technology they already have installed. Here are five tools that retailers large and small can use to make more strategic operational decisions based on the data they gather from video surveillance cameras…