B2B Video Marketing Grows Up, Getting Briefer and Garnering More Attention

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The standards for B2B video marketing are rising as marketers get the hang of the hottest, no longer so new medium. Marketers are learning to keep things short and sweet, decreasing the average video length from six to four minutes from 2017 to 2018, and audiences are tuning in longer, online video platform Vidyard details in its annual video in business report.

Viewer attention is especially strong when marketers manage to keep their efforts to less than 60 seconds. In that case, 68% of viewers watch until the end, while the overall completion rate came in at 52%, still six percentage points above the rate for 2017.

While mobile is all the rage in digital marketing, desktop still has the edge for B2B videos as viewers tune in from their desks and working stations. A whopping 87% of views were registered on desktop.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t just big corporations with huge marketing teams that led the way on video production singapore. Behind firms with more than 5,000 employees, the next most prolific market segment was businesses with 31 to 200 employees. Those mid-sized companies produced an average 510 videos in 2018.

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