5 Retail Media Networks to Watch in 2022

Demand for first-party data, coupled with the looming disappearance of third-party cookies, has created a moment of opportunity for innovative multi-location brands and retailers. Retail media networks offer a way for brands across the spectrum of verticals to monetize the reams of personally identifiable information they’ve collected from their own digital properties, like apps and websites, and expand their global footprints.

Banks Can Add Amazon and Expansion of Retail Media Networks to the Watch List

Amazon wants to be as involved as possible in the end-to-end shopping experience — hence the threat to financial institutions. Yet there are ways for banks to stay in the game in the face of Amazon’s latest moves.

Third-Party Delivery Apps Are Stealing Your Customers. Here’s How to Regain Control

Think grocery’s biggest problem is inflation? It used to be. These days, it’s third-party vendors like Instacart who impact your results in an already margin-thin business. Add in retail giants like Walmart, who are rolling out their own grocery delivery services as new services continue to pop up, and that impact becomes even greater.