LBMA: MomentFeed Unveils “Enhanced Local Photos”

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers P&G’s SK-II retail pop-up in China, Burger King partnering with Rovio’s Angry Birds, MomentFeed unveiling “enhanced local photos,” and Ford patenting a new system for billboard-to-car advertising. Also, Mark Michael, CEO of DevHub, visits the pod. DevHub just acquired Brickwork Software.

DevHub Acquires Brickwork Software to Expand Online-to-Offline Marketing Power

Brickwork will be operated by DevHub going forward, and the company’s software will become a product in DevHub’s lineup of solutions. DevHub CTO Daniel Rust believes that Brickwork’s software will make DevHub’s current offerings to local marketing brands even stronger by enabling new online-to-store conversion actions, such as appointment booking and event RSVP.

DevHub Launches ‘TXT a Restaurant,’ Enabling More Interaction With Consumers

The website-building platform can manage hundreds of local sites for a single agency or brand. This week, the company is launching DevHub Labs and is announcing the group’s first experiment, “TXT a Restaurant” — which will allow local businesses to try out a new digital tool: click-to-text, a new way to connect with consumers who may be hesitant to use the more traditional click-to-call.

Street Fight Daily: Wal-Mart May Buy, MasterCard Teams Up with PlaceIQ

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Looking at Amazon, Wal-Mart in Talks to Buy Web Retailer… New Report Identifies Enterprise Customer Types and Needs… MasterCard Hooks Up With PlaceIQ for Location-Based Insights…